UMI Super Smartphone Violent Stress Review


When we buy a smartphone, we must care about its quality a lot. But how to test its quality? Now UMI as Chinese smartphone manufacturer has released UMI Super with high-end performance. We just know it’s high-end in its configuration, So how about its material or quality? UMI has given us the perfect answer about UMI Super violent stress test. They have tested this UMI Super in three stage such as drop test in up to 2 meter height, Standing on UMI Super with high-heel shoes and running over by a car.

Watch UMI Super Violent stress test:


It’s known to all that UMI Super is not a rugged smartphone, how can it stand such kind of harsh stress test? it has fully proved UMI Super can compete with those rugged phones in its quality, but also beat those high-end smartphones that can’t do these kind of stress test. This kind of video can not be fake. Umi this time has claimed its UMI Super can the real 4G Flagship killer.



UMI Super this time is not only 5.5inch FHD MTK6755 Smartphone 4GB flagship, but also can be regarded as a rugged phone. Its 4,000mAh battery, USB Type C, Touch ID, other functions have also made this phone much powerful. If you don’t believe, why not check the UMI Super review?


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