UMi Super will support 4G LTE networks in U.S. and Canada


The situation regarding mobile networks is a huge mess, there very little cohesion. Phone makers have to consider all this when deciding on what networks to support and what networks will be left out. A case in point is the North American market,in which LTE networks in use there are hardly used anywhere else in the world.So this leaves most devices coming out of China at a significant disadvantage and only have access to the European markets. And UMi is 1 company that intends to change all that.


UMi has risen to this challenge and plans to open up North American marketplace. Yep you heard correctly, the UMi Super EURO2016 Champion Edition will support U.S. and Canadian 4G LTE bands and in fact are launching its presales for the device as soon as next week.So what made UMi change their mind?

UMi has entered 46 countries and markets and haven’t given much thought to the North American markets. But a staggering 10% of visitors to the UMi website come from North America, and this was a market just to good to refuse.This is a huge step for UMi, however by upgrading the device for use in this massive market, they have made the UMi Super a serious contender to now be considered a “Flagship Killer”.

UMi  has just reviewed its subscription target and it has been adjusted to 22,000. We will just have to wait and see how the UMi Super performs in the north American market. It has had some great reviews by fans and critics, so it should be well received



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