UMI will plan UMI Super Edge RAM 6GB smartphone


UMI has officially started to presell its flagship smartphone UMI Super and will be in stock on June 25. However, when we are looking forward to this high-end smartphone, UMI exposed they will announce the new model, UMI Super Edge smartphone that will be the first RAM 6GB smartphone for UMI or other Chinese cellphone manufacturers. We just introduced Xiaomi will also plan to release Xiaomi  curved screen smartphone with RAM 6GB, and Letv Max 2 has come out with RAM 6GB. We can take a guess that RAM 6GB smartphone will be the main tendency for them.


How about UMI Super Edge? Besides RAM 6GB, what else specs will make us amazed? It’s rumored that it will run Android7.0. It’s known that android6.0 has not been common with all of smartphones. Android7.0 is in development. UMI leaked it will run Android7.0 which is big surprise for our users.  We are really expecting this next flagship smartphone.

What’s more, UMI Super Edge will use bezel-less display, we have heard Nubia smartphone has used bezel-less display right now. This time UMI also follows this latest tendency to come with bezel less screen which creates the better design and screen quality for consumers. Meanwhile, UMI Super Edge is supposed to sport by Super AMOLED screen probably which is same as Samsung S7 Edge. If these leaked specs of UMI Super Edge smartphone are right, we believe the price of the phone will be not so cheap after all it’s high-end smartphone. As for the released date, it exposed to come in the second half of 2016. Le’ts what will happen to UMI?


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