UMIDIGI One Pro vs Honor 10 Comparison Review: Which One Is the Better For You?


UMIDIGI releases a comparison video of UMIDIG One Pro and Honor 10. UMIDIGI One and One Pro will start on 6th Aug with a big discount. In this article, I would like to compare these two and compare them. UMIDIGI focuses on the global market, focusing on user-centric mobile brands, aiming for a superior user experience and affordable products. The company’s goal is to make everyone employ high-quality technology. Today I am publishing a video Comparison of UMIDIGI One Pro and Honor 10’s design, performance, features, price, and etc. Let’s see the video and comparison below.

Design & Display

The design is one of the important points of UMIDIGI One Pro. Recently, UMIDIGI unveiled UMIDIGI One Pro hands-on video, in which we can take a closer look at the compact flagship. UMIDIGI One Pro is one of the most beautiful handsets in the midrange sector with a twilight glass body and an aluminum frame. We can say the same about the Honor 10 which comes with a glass back available in the Aurora gradient color. Both devices feature a notch, so their screen-to-body ratio is very high. The UMIDIGI Z2 has a slightly smaller chin than the Honor 10 since it has a side fingerprint scanner but with a bigger notch. So it is difficult to say which one has the best design. 

The UMIDIGI One Pro has a bigger 5.9’’ HD+ fullscreen display, while Honor 10 has a bit smaller display with an FHD+ fullview display. So the Honor 10 has a better resolution when compared with UMIDIGI One Pro. But we think the HD+ resolution on UMIDIGI One Pro doesn’t affect the reading experience, actually, it does. And both devices are really compact will feel well in your palm.


In these two models, the real flagship is the Honor 10 due to its more powerful hardware side. It has a Kirin 970 chipset by Huawei, 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage depending on the configuration. And UMIDIGI One Pro cannot compete with it in terms of performance. But it is still a good high-end phone thanks to its Helio P23 Soc and 4GB of RAM, 64GB of ROM.


UMIDIGI One Pro supports 36 global bands while the Honor 10 only supports 17 global bands, which means that the UMIDIGI One Pro is more suitable for a global travel, the Honor 10 maybe can’t connect to a 4G network when you in a new place. However, the Honor 10 supports 22.5W fast charge while the One Pro supports 18W fast charge. But UMIDIGI One Pro uses the world’s fastest wireless charging technology at 15W, which the Honor 10 doesn’t have the wireless charging function.

Specification Comparison

UMIDIGI One Pro Evaluation Honor 10 Evaluation
Twilight Glass 5* Aurora Glass 5*
4GB+64GB 4* 4GB+128GB 5*
5.9’’ HD+ Fullsurface Display 4* 5.84’’ FHD+ FullView Display 5*
Side Fingerprint Scanner 5* 4*
Helio P23 4* Kirin 970 5*
Dual Speaker Stereo 4* Hi-Fi Audio 5*
12MP + 5MP

16MP High-Resolution Camera

4* 16MP + 24MP

24MP High-Resolution Camera

15W Fast Wireless Charge 5* 4*
NFC 5* NFC 5*
36  Bands 5* 17 Bands 4*
Stock Android 8.1 5* EMUI Based on Android 8.1 5*
$169.99 5* $354.99 4*
Total 55* 56*

Price Comparison

UMIDIGI One Pro has been launched in the global market with a starting price tag of $199.99. The presale will start soon at AliExpress with a big discount. The reliable source said the presale price would be at $169.99. Now you can add the UMIDIGI One Pro to cart and wait the start of presale at 6th Aug. Honor 10 is currently a Chinese and Europe market exclusive. The Honor 10 already can be bought with a minimum price tag $354.99 at AliExpress. Honor 10 definitely is the winner of the comparison without considering a price tag. However, when it comes to the value aspect, we can definitely get another conclusion, the UMIDIGI One Pro has the best cost performance. UMIDIGI One Pro is not far away from the Honor 10, but it is much much more affordable for than the Honor 10. Maybe the UMIDIGI One Pro is the best phone for that price.


According to the official website UMIDIGI, the presale of UMIDIGI One and One Pro will start on 6th Aug with a big discount. But UMIDIGI One and One Pro now can be bought at $169.99 and $199.99 at AliExpress UMIDIGI official store, so if you can’t wait you can purchase it now since first order, the first service. And UMIDIGI is globally recruiting 10 trial users for UMIDIGI One. What you need to do is head for their site and complete specific steps. You can try your luck and win a 169.99 prize right here.


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