UMIDIGI Q1: World’s Fastest Wireless Charger Will Be Available For Sale on June 6


Not so long ago UMIDIGI announced a new wireless charger UMIDIGI Q1 – the fastest wireless charger in the world. UMIDIGI Q1 goes on sale on June 6. Already, on the Gearbest trading platform, you can find a wireless charger UMIDIGI Q1 at a special price.

UMIDIGI Q1 can work in 4 modes, 5W – standard charging mode, 7.5W, 10W and fast mode 15W, which is suitable, for example, for the new UMIDIGI Z2 Pro. For comparison, fast wireless charging with a power of 10 watts is used in such flagships as Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + / S8 / S8 +, Huawei Mate RS, Xiaomi Mix 2S, and so on.

7.5W wireless chargers provide a charge for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Of course, you can also charge these devices with UMIDIGI Q1. UMIDIGI explained if you want to charge your mobile device with a quick charge of 15 watts, then the device must have a 15W wireless charger module.

iPhone X supports wireless charging for a maximum of 7.5W, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 +, Xiaomi Mix 2S – a maximum of 10W. Thus, if you want to charge your mobile device with a powerful wireless charger, then remember that your mobile device must also have an input with maximum power.

Secondly, many will agree that the device has a modern design! Beautiful and solid appearance, plus its portability! Fast charging looks like a cosmetic mirror and looks really unusual. The thickness of UMIDIGI Q1 is the only 5mm, and the average thickness of the smartphone is 7.5mm. In fact, this is an incredible thickness! Diameter – 100 mm and weight 82.5 grams – are really important.

The device turned out to be compact, convenient for travel and easily fits even in one hand. In addition, UMIDIGI Q1 has an all-metal case made of aluminum, similar to the material used in the construction of aircraft. Developers have used quite inexpensive plastic on the back surface and the middle part. All in a complex it makes the device a high-tech, portable product of premium class.

And last but not least, the fast wireless charger UMIDIGI Q1 is equipped with an intelligent chip and multi-protection systems so as not to damage your mobile device during charging, namely: support for a variety of protection measures against extreme temperatures, high voltage current or detection of a foreign body.

You can easily start charging your smartphone already at a distance of 8 mm from the device. Do you want to be one of the first who can get the fastest wireless charger in the world? Make an order right now using this link. The shipment will start on June 6th. So, this is not a pre-order, it’s an open sale. Any question can contact on its official site.


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