UMIDIGI S2 Pro Vs Galaxy S9+: Should You Pay the Extra For A Flagship Smartphone


The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is probably one of the most powerful and quality smartphones at the moment. However, there are brands, such as Umidigi, that want to compare to the top of the company. The Umidigi S2 Pro is far from having the same quality as the top of the range Samsung, but not everyone needs a $1000 in the pocket.

This is where Umidigi’s latest campaign comes with S2 Pro. The brand puts the two smartphones side by side and compares them. “Why invest so much?” – Refers to Umidigi in his campaign.

The Umidigi S2 Pro is a terminal with a quality construction, a FullHD + 18: 9 screen and gives us a very acceptable performance. It is true that it will not have the same photographic quality as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. It also does not have glass construction or wireless charging, however, it only costs $279.99.

The Umidigi S2 Pro features a 6 “screen, MediaTek Helio P25 processor running 2.6Ghz and 6GB of RAM. The internal memory of 128GB and possibility of expansion is also a factor in favor. A relevant feature in the Umidigi S2 Pro against the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is its battery. The Samsung terminal has a 3500 mAh battery comes at 189g while the S2 Pro a 5100 mAh battery that is more than enough for a day of use and its weight is just 186g.

One of the aspects that will be seriously inferior is in your camera. The terminal of the Chinese company is not even close to matching the photographic quality. However, it will always depend on your needs for that characteristic. Besides all that, the most important difference is their price tag.

The S2 Pro is much more affordable than the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S9+. Almost 4 times less as it is currently on sale at DealExtreme for $279.99. Click here to learn more about the phone.


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