UMIDIGI X’s In-screen Fingerprint Scanner Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s


A minimal design with less distraction is becoming a trend for a smartphone. That’s why the fingerprint scanners are moving from the back to the front and beneath the displays now for Android phones. UMIDIGI X, maybe the most affordable recently launched smartphone with in-screen fingerprint sensor (about $200), uses the latest also the best optical fingerprint sensor from Goodix, the same in-screen fingerprint sensor provider as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus. According to the previous reviews, the new optical fingerprint sensor has already been proved is better than Samsung’s ultrasonic scanner.

There are basically two types of in-screen fingerprint scanners: optical and ultrasonic scanner. Except for Samsung’s flagships Galaxy S10 and Note 10, all new phones of the companies mentioned using the optical fingerprint sensor built by the same company Goodix. In theory, an ultrasonic scanner is more secure, because it uses soundwaves to map a 3D print of the user’s unique epidermis, whereas optical scanners rely on light information to capture a 2D photo of a thumbprint. But there has been no evidence supporting that an ultrasonic solution is more secure than an optical solution. And the real-world test from many reviewers confirmed the optical in-screen fingerprint sensor is faster than the ultrasonic one. Here’s one of the tests:

UMIDIGI X is equipped with the latest generation optical in-screen fingerprint sensor offered by Goodix. Compared with the previous generation, the latest in-screen fingerprint sensor along with an upgraded recognition algorithm, has 100% larger optical sensing area, 35% faster screen unlock speed and 30% better performance in the extreme situations as UMIDIGI claimed. We can’t wait to see that this $200 budget phone offers an even better in-screen fingerprint unlock experience than Samsung’s $1000 flagship Galaxy Note 10.

The UMIDIGI X will open global sale with new true wireless earbuds Upods on August 26 in AliExpress. The sale price has not been released but we expect it would be about $200. And first 1,000 units UMIDIGI X from August 26 can get the Upods for FREE, so you’d better add the phone to cart first in case you miss the deal. Lastly, UMIDIGI is running a big giveaway to recruit 20 trial users for UMIDIGI X and Upods, and the winners can get both UMIDIGI X and Upods for FREE. You can check out all the details about the two new UMIDIGI devices and join the giveaway on their official website.


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