UMIDIGI Z Pro official Unboxing and Presale at $249.99 Now


UMI has officially released UMIDIGI Z PRO smartphone for some time since MWC, which is the first UMIDIGI brand. It will be the successor of UMI Z, but it still is powered by Helio X27 processor, besides, it comes with dual rear camera, right now they have officially made an unboxing video about UMIDIGI Z Pro.

UMI Z Pro is equipped with Sony 13MP dual camera lens technology, it has enjoyed some latest functions as follow.

1. “3D Capture” mode, to literally move the picture after it has been taken and view it from a different perspective
2. “Live Photo” Mode, the first Android device pack with iPhone’s “Live Photo”, which also makes a short video of what happens a few seconds before and after the shoot
3. “Pure Black and White” shooting, which doesn’t produce just a de-colored picture, but uses a dedicated B&W sensor to make a real Black and White photo
4. “Re-Focusing” capability, which makes possible to adjust the focus or to focus a different point of the photo after it has been taken
5. 2x Digital Zoom, up to 3x using Digital one

Besides, it has new Mediatek ISP paired with a Quad-LED flash and Dual camera pixel-binning technology on both lenses doubles image brightness in low-light conditions that will provide you with better image quality. In addition, it comes with Samsung 13MP sensor and a soft light LED.

Right now UMI Z Pro starts to be in presale from now on, and it will end on Mar 27th. You will get UMI Z Pro only at $249.99, not $299.99. So will you try this amazing new flagship smartphone?


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