UMIDIGI Z2|Z2 Pro Teardown, Stunning Flagship From Internal Structure and True Dual Camera!


A few days ago, after a huge number of leaks, the UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro were finally announced. UMIDIGI took as a basis something new, although the popular “notch” remained, as well as a new color version – a gradient. Several times disassembling devices was quite popular when iFixit became the main place for such procedures. In this direction, UMIDIGI released a video about its newly announced flagships Z2 and Z2 Pro, which show internal characteristics and build quality.

Considering that it is not a waterproof device, the dismantling of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro rear panel is simple. The sealant has been applied to the inner elements of the color rear of the glass gradient, but iFixit instruments do not require heating.

Below you can see detailed pictures of the disassembly, including the motherboard with Helio P60 SoC, RAM, battery, memory, as well as a two-camera setup and NFC / wireless charging. Z2 Pro is a good improvement over the predecessor Z Pro, so there is a completely different design between the 2 devices.

Z2 Pro is equipped with 6,2-inch full-screen FHD + 18: 9, and Helio P60 SoC is interfaced with 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of internal memory. There is a real dual rear camera 16MP / 8MP (some manufacturers just put a dummy sensor to counterfeit two cameras), as well as a 3650mAh battery.

In addition, there is NFC and wireless charging combo, which supports the NFC function and 15W fast wireless charging simultaneously.

In order to use the possibility of fast wireless charging, UMIDIGI will soon announce the fast wireless charging cushion Q1, which will offer the charging power of 15 W for any Qi-enabled devices and allow the Z2 Pro to fully charge for 100 minutes. Complete specifications can be found on their official Website.

Results of UMIDIGI Z2 Giveaway

Since 4 May on 20 May UMIDIGI has made a sale for UMIDIGI Z2, 5 units, for a total of 5 winners. And today it’s time to announce the result of the giveaway!

Each winner receives one UMIDIGI Z2 for free. UMIDIGI also shared a video on Facebook As stated on Facebook, in the near future they will release a new distribution for 10 units UMIDIGI Z2 Pro and wireless fast charger UMIDIGI Q1. So stay tuned and Official website More details.


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