Unboxing & review of Coolbaby X9 – A PSP clone at a very low price, with 20000 games!


I was searching for my son to get him a portable console for his birthday and I was looking to get him something good but not expensive. So I started searching at Gearbest where I have got from there my other console I have for my TV and I found one very good in the end, with big screen and with 20000 games preinstalled. The console is the Coolbaby X9, a very good PSP clone, which can play several type games apart from the huge list that is already preinstalled. The Coolbaby X9 came to me with Priority, so I don’t have to pay any customs here in Greece.

Opening the postal package, you come across the box of the Coolbaby X9, where on top you see an imge of the console and at the side you see various info for it. There you see that the model is X9 and it contains 8GB of memory.

You see at the last photo that the 8GB is mentioned and that the model is the Coolbaby X9. The weight of the console is 0.1850 kg and it’s dimensions are 19.50 x 8.60 x 1.50 cm. Opening the box we saw above, apart from the console of course, you will find inside a AV cable for connecting the console with your TV, a USB charging or data transferring cable, a manual in Chinese/English and a pair of earphones for playing games without troubling others.

At the upper part of the console, you will find everything. There you will find the ON/OFF button (if you check it you will see it says NO/OFF !!!), the slot for charging the console, the slot for connecting the AV cable and the slot where you place the external card for expanding it’s internal memory. When you power up the X9, you will see various images from very well known games, that you can find inside and play with them. The first time when it boots up, everything is in Chinese. If you want to change the language (it supports several languages), you go over to Options, there you go down to the third option and there you will find the languages. All these can be seen at the video that I have for you at the end.

X9 supports 32bit, 16bit and 8bit games. It contains a battery of 1250mAh, which when is fully charged you can play for about 3-4 hours. The screen is 5″ with 1080 x 720p resolution. You can watch video RMVB, MP4, 3 gp or listen to music. Through the AV cable, everything you play, you can see it at the TV screen. Inside the X9 you will find 2 3D video to watch and one at 720p. At the back of the X9 you will find a camera with 10MP resolution. The X9 contains about 20000 games which can be found at the GBA and Arcade Games icons.

You can also check my video presentation I made for you

The Coolbaby X9 is the best portable console you can find around, a really very good PSP clone,  which will give you many hours of joy. You can get it as I did at Gearbest for 56.44$ (49€).

Get Coolbaby X9 from Gearbest

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