Unisex Dad Bod Waist Bags Get this hot fanny pack for running or travelling For Just $5.99 at @TOMTOP


f you’re a new Dad and don’t quite have that fancy Dad-bod yet, no worries, in due time it’ll come in. But in the meantime, you may want to consider supplementing with one of these DadBags. The Dad Bag is pretty much a fanny pack that’s made to look like you have a dirty hairy gut sticking out of your shirt. When in reality it’s just a handy hip pack that stores your essentials.

To use the DadBag, just wrap it around your waist, tuck your shirt underneath, and walk around the city and wait for everyone to stare at you, laugh, and most likely take pictures. You’ll then be able to feel what it’s like to be slightly overweight with a shirt that just doesn’t fit over your gut.

The bag was designed by London-based artist Albert Pukies, who was inspired by dad bods, though apparently, he doesn’t have one himself. “I made the DadBag because I’m desperate to have a dad bod but I’m also very concerned about the health risks associated with it. The solution is quite simple, a bumbag with a proper dad belly printed on it. Now I can put on a dad bod whenever I feel like it and even store my valuables in it,” he told Metro.

The DadBag features an opening at the top of the belly so that guys – or girls should they lust after a dad bod – can store their belongings in it, though we can imagine those wearing it will get some funny looks when pulling their phones out of their stomachs.

The DadBag has ten designs you can choose from. Each of the designs has different skin tones and belly hairstyles so that buyers can get one that matches their own bodies. It even has a pocket to store your stuff in, so this thing could be foolproof if it’s as realistic as it looks. Whether the Dad bag is real or not, its existence proves that dad bods are still popular. Now you can buy From TOMTOP at $5.99 In the Flash Sale Use Coupon Code: HTY3DDT


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