Univapo Miso Pod VS Unico Pod Comparison Design, Features, Review


Univapo Miso from the by and large conspicuous Univapo association. Miso unit is another best item which lies under the magnificent highlights. While The Univapo Unico Pod Kit is a case mod that fulfills everyone. The two trained professionals and beginners of the vape. Unico by Univapo has been basically planned for vapers who love lung shooting and for cloud-chasers, in all honesty, two cross-segment resistors are given in its group: 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm. The Univapo Unico case unit is furthermore feasible with run-of-the-mill 1.2ohm twists, consequently similarly proper for admirers of cheek shooting and for fledglings.

Univapo Miso


The limited Univapo Miso Pod Kit shows up in a lightweight body that weighs under 30g. The arrangement of the device controlled and brief, nonetheless, the decoration on the front side really gives the new thing a little affirmation. Customers are offered a choice of only four tones: dim, blue, red, and green. The Univapo Miso Pod Kit has a light plastic case with a seriously delayed blueprint, changed completes, and diminished estimations. The concealing reach was ventured into four variations. The front side was lit up with a direct decoration and outfitted with a hexagonal beginning catch with a little charge marker. A gigantic clear cartridge was determined to stop. The USB port was presented on a changed side.

Univapo Miso

The Univapo Unico Pod pack is elegantly particularly superb and genuinely practical by virtue of its little size, for sure it gauges 106mm in height and 27.6mm x 27.35mm in width and significance. However, sorting out some way to keep a good self-administration as a result of the joined battery of 1500mAh. The Variable wattage from 5w to 49w. It is very clear being utilize with a power button, two change gets, and the OLED screen that summarizes how to use, wattage, and battery charge level.

Univapo Miso


With 20 minutes streak charge and interchangeable breeze current; the new Univapo Miso will present to you another vaping experience. The creator considers the essential killer to features of the case the battery and the charging speed. In the chief case, the battery is tending to with a 600mAh battery, and in the second. Additionally, there are a USB Type-C port and an empower current of 2A. It will allow you to re-energize as far as possible in just 20 minutes.

Univapo Miso

Additionally, You can deal with the extra rates through the LED over the Fire button, which is responsible for giving the ability to the evaporator to the extent of 3-15W (there is moreover a puff sensor for modified movement). Concerning the cartridges, they go with 1.2 Ohm evaporators, side filling, and a restriction of up to 2 ml. By turning the cartridge over, it is practical to pick the ideal sort of fixing: free or cigarette. Likewise, a structure for social events condensate in cartridges is reporting; which will allow you not to worry about spills.

Univapo Miso

More Features

The Univapo Unico Pod unit comes to up to 49W and has the best battery cutoff of 1500mAh. The contraption was basically proposing for cloud-chasers and DL vaping mode; so the too in the current style unit comes for the situation with two 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm grid resistors. Simple to use, with a Fire button. Finally, the Univapo Unico Pod load with Italian box is similarly feasible with the common 1.2ohm twist; ideal for all MTL sweethearts and novices who need to quit smoking.

Likewise, The Tank is furthermore amazingly gigantic by virtue of the 4ml cartridge with a tradable deterrent. The solitary disadvantage concerning an enormous segment of the case mods accessible. Likewise, The spill tip isn’t 510 and thusly interchangeable.


The little Univapo Miso contraption was given a fused 600 mAh battery; with snappy charging, adjustable breeze current, and the best power of 15 watts. For more information visit the Univapo Officials. The Univapo Unico Pod Kit sorts out some way to make everyone really bright, from the most experienced to the people who approach the universe of vaping strangely. Anyway, what are you sitting tight for?


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