Univapo SYMBA RDA Review – Comes with Single, Dual and Mesh Coil


The Univapo Symba RDA ios the first RDA, and for that matter the first rebuildable for Univapo. Up until this point its been starter kits and pod AIO systems that Univapo have launched, with the Symba they go into the rebuildable territory.


RDA Symba RDA is made mainly of stainless steel and comes in a specific design, which is distinguished by three colours of the side skirt: blue, metal and rainbow. The device has received compact dimensions in terms of height (only 23mm) and an average diameter of 25mm. The fit of drip types of 810 format is supported, and the novelty will be completed with a mouthpiece equipped with a system to prevent the accumulation of condensate. One of the key features of the product is the blow-off system, which allows the user to select two hole patterns: solid and mesh.

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Another feature of Symba RDA is an extremely unusual base, which offers vapers many options for winding. So, the drip supports the installation of a mesh coil, one large coil, two coils; three coils and even a mesh along with two coils. Such a construct has not been offered by any manufacturer before. This versatility is realized by combining the familiar postless base with the pressure plates for the mesh.

Symba RDA accompanies single, double, and work curl setups that carry more prospects to playability and its flavours. The exceptional earthenware deck conveys all the more even warmth and nice flavours to clients. Also, There more advantages for cutting coil leaf. The Special deck configuration, making it significantly more helpful for cutting loop legs. It is very simple to use and easy to handle.


Univapo Symba RDA is one of the finest and newest devices that comes under both features which gives you everything you are looking for? To get more information about the product visits the Univapo.


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