Univapo Unico Pod Kit Vs Unix Starter Kit Comparison Review


The Univapo Unico Pod Kit is a unit mod that satisfies everybody. The two specialists and apprentices of the vape. Unico by Univapo has been chiefly intending for vapers who love lung shooting and for cloud-chasers. Also, The truth be told, two work resistors are given in their bundle: 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm. The Univapo Unico unit pack is likewise viable with typical 1.2ohm curls, thusly additionally reasonable for admirers of cheek shooting and for tenderfoots.  The Unix Starter Kit is intended for apprentices and newcomers to vaping looking for an item that is anything but difficult to utilize whatever the circumstance.

Univapo Unico Pod Kit


The Univapo Unico Pod unit is stylishly extremely delightful and truly commonsense gratitude to its little estimate, indeed it estimates 106mm in stature and 27.6mm x 27.35mm in width and profundity. In any case, figuring out how to keep up a decent self-governance because of the coordinated battery of 1500mAh. Also, The variable wattage from 5w to 49w and actually quite straightforward being using with a force button. The two change catches, and the OLED screen that sums up how to utilize, wattage, and battery charge level.

Univapo Unico Pod Kit

The Unix Starter Kit is intended for amateurs who are hoping to begin vaping. It is basic in its methodology and conservative in its settings. Nonetheless, not the slightest bit does this straightforwardness take away from its adequacy. A decent set-up for fledglings. Also, Unix has a fairly retro plan. Regardless, all things considered, “old school” just returns a couple of years. All things considered, this piece of the unit stays useful and surprisingly simple to utilize.

Univapo Unico Pod Kit


The Univapo Unico Pod unit comes up to 49W and has the greatest battery limit of 1500mAh. The gadget was principally intended for cloud-chasers and DL vaping mode; so the too trendy case comes in the container with two 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm work resistors. Easy to use, with a Fire button; two up and down catches, and a brilliant OLED screen to see utilization modes, wattage, and battery level. At last, the Univapo Unico Pod unit with an Italian box is additionally viable with the ordinary 1.2ohm loop; ideal for all MTL darlings and fledglings who need to stop smoking. The Tank is additionally exceptionally huge gratitude to the 4ml cartridge with tradable obstruction; the main downside concerning the majority of the case mods available; the dribble tip isn’t 510 and thusly exchangeable; however subsequently, I thought that it was entirely reasonable and charming being used.

Univapo Unico Pod Kit

Unix Starter Kit is a clear atomizer that has a distance across of 16 mm for tallness of marginally more than 55 mm. It is to some degree tall, however, its tallness is predictable with the remainder of the pack. During our tests, no spillage or leakage was noticed.

Also, The trickle tip size is 510 and can be supplanted by any standard model. The one that accompanies the pack feels very long and flimsy in the mouth. For improved cleanliness, the pack is providing with an attractive cap to secure the trickle tip. It holds impeccably set up. While vaping, you should put the cap under the battery to shield it from losing it. The lower part of the crate is additionally attractive.


The Univapo Unico Pod Kit figures out how to make everybody truly glad, from the most experienced to the individuals who approach the universe of vaping unexpectedly. Unix Starter Kit is another best product which gives you lots of features. Both of these available at Univapo officials


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