Update Elephone S7 to Android 7.1. Nougat


Elephone is one of those brands that not many users know about. The Chinese companymakes mobiles that have nothing to envy to the big ones of the market . Little by little they are gaining ground, and they also have many launches prepared this year . One of its most popular phones is the S7 Elephone , which we talked about long ago . It is a model that captures the essence of the brand. Quality products at affordable prices . Definitely a motive to keep in mind when looking for a new one.

The mobile was launched with Android Marshmallow , although many users expect an early update to Nougat . Despite the passage of the months had not reached any update to Android 7.0. Nougat . It seems that the Chinese company has decided to avoid that, and upgrade directly to Android 7.1. Nougat . Find out more below.

This is a surprising novelty for the users of the S7 Elephone . After a long time without knowing anything about a possible upgrade, there are finally answers. It has been the software company of the Chinese company responsible for giving the news. They have done so in video form (you can see at the end of the article). The video shows the phone running Android 7.1. Nougat .

You can not see too much in the video. What you can see is that you go to the settings menu . There you can see the new menu, which is different from the current one on the device. At the end of the video we can also see the “N” symbol of the operating system . It seems that the arrival of Android 7.1. Nougat is a reality for the S7 Elephone .

Despite the good news that we bring you today, there is room for a bad one as well. The update is not available yet . It is still being tested , and the date on which it is to be launched is unknown . It will have to wait to be able to have it in the mobile. At the time that Elephone confirmed its release date we will inform you. What do you think is updated to Android 7.1. Nougat?


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