Update! Huawei Matebook Press Conference Broadcast Live and Review


Huawe has entered the PC industry officially. They have released its first computer, Huawei Matebook which has been published at MWC 2016 in Feb. Right now we have finally waited the press conference of Huawei Matebook in Beijing, China. It started at 7:30 p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing Time.  We reported for you first.

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The host has introduced the conference guests from Intel, Microsoft, and other executives all over the world. Then he introduced why they made Huawei Matebook  and its relative consumer business and home product line. Wan Biao, one of Huawei CEO mentions that current PC has some bad features like too heavy, not beautiful, poor life, working problems. He aslo claims right now we have come into Business 3.0 time to put forward fashion office. Then he introduced Huawei Matebook officially.



Huawei Matebook is very thin in design wih aluminum unibody and experienced more than 60 procedure, CNC diamond cutting process. It takes 2in1 design from the concept of Microsoft. Huawei Matebook adpots 12inch IPS screen with 2160×1440 screen resolution which is very portable for business. Its color gamut is up to NTSC. The color is more vivid to protect our eyes. It has 10mm bezel, with 33.7Wh battery to save more power such as 25%, support one day for working. Its charger is also portable with 110 weight, and USB type C port and Micro USB dual ports to support charging for phone. Why is Huawei matebook so light? It has made innovation in cooling system, thanks to Intel core M chipset, the sixth generation. Huawei Matebook includes two system, Windows 10 OS and Professional Version. Its design is very suitable for  businessmen. Its keyboard adopted ergonomic keyboard surface design,  key travel 1.5 mm, tapping grams has 60 grams that can inspire funny click sound and spill-resistant. Meanwhile, it is equipped with touch stylus, MatePen with 2048 class pressure induction, it is not only a touch stylus but also laser pen, flip pen which is suitable for business very much. What’s more, it can use one month by charging one hour.  Huawei Matebook supports front camera and dual microphone for noise reduction for HD meeting. Its fingerprint identification module is very powerful not only to unlock the screen fast but also enter into different accounts by different fingerprint. Its expansion is very fast to realize all by docking.  Huawei Matebook also supports MateTrans function for searching the Internet with the smartphone, file sharing corresponding.



After playing Huawei Matebook introduction video,  Wan Biao finally reveals Huawei Matebook price, there are six versions, the lowest one is 4,988 yuan, and the highest version is at 9,688 yuan. It will start to sell on May 31. Huawei Matebook press conference has opened for one hour, it shows HUAWEI company’s strength and Huawei Matebook to represent Huawei has entered PC industry successfully. So will you have a try?


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