Update! Xiaomi MI Note 2 is a Really Lookalike of Galaxy Note 7


There will be no one looking like you expect twins in the world, but in smartphone line, it has become common to see the similar or even same smartphones. In terms of design, Samsung always takes leading road to use curved screen on Galaxy Note 7, although Note 7 has become a tragedy for most users, its outstanding design has to give positive answer, even Xiaomi that prepared Xiaomi MI Note 2 will use dual curved screen.


We have exposed many Xiaomi mi note 2 teaser including the front , back and side design. It shows ultra-narrow mid-frame and dual curved panel, but today there are two new photos about mi note 2 which are different from previous photos. Because there is mi logo on the front design, the overall design looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 7. What do you think?


The real photos have made us think a lot, Apple has redefined smartphone, Samsung defines the curve screen, most Chinese smartphones really look like them, especially those using curved screen. But today a new teaser comes out from dPhone, it reads Xiaomi mi note 2 hot preorder from Dphone, and it also shows the appearance of mi note 2.


According to their photos, Xiaomi mi note 2 will have silver color with dual curved screen, its back looks like Xiaomi mi5, but it has dual rear camera. Previously, others said MI Note 2 will remove the mi logo on the front, but according to the latest teaser, it has mi logo indeed. So will it become the different versions?

Right now we only can confirm Xiaomi mi note 2 will invite Chinese celebrity as spokesman, it will support 6 mold 37 frequency band, dual curve screen.It is said to be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, so as the year-end flagship, Xiaomi mi note 2 will be more expensive than the previous flagships, will you accept the price, 4999 yuan, $833?

Update: there are other real photos about Xiaomi mi note 2, please enjoy as follow:



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