Update! Xiaomi MI5S, MI5S Plus Specs,Camera, Price Unveiled


Xiaomi will hold press conference on September 27 in Beijing, we confirmed the new product will be Xiaomi mi5s, and it is said it will have Xiaomi MI5S Plus.  As for specs, currently we can be sure that Xiaomi MI5S will be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, its antutu score up to 164k points. In addition, it will be the first one to use Under Glass design fingerprint ID smartphone, hiding the fingerprint module under the glass panel to enhance the design.

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Currently, Xiaomi MI5S PPT screenshot has been unveiled, it shows Xiaomi MI5S standard version at 1999 yuan, $330, built in RAM 6GB ROM 64GB, it should have advanced version, but specs and price have not been revealed. And Xiaomi MI5S Plus is equipped with Snapdragon 821 processor and RAM 6GB ROM 256GB at a price tag of 2999 yuan, $500.



Today Xiaomi has also unveiled the crucial feature about Xiaomi MI5S according to its own poster. It said what will Xiaomi MI5S have besides camera? In addition to dual rear camera, what else does Xiaomi MI5S have the high-end technology?  So we can guess Xiaomi mi5s will also take dual rear camera. Besides the photographing optimization, it will have other surprise, will it be OIS function?

In addition, Xiaomi MI5S will also support Xiaomi MI Pay, which can be used for bus card but also bank card, so convenient for us. And its advanced version will add 3D Touch possibly. Therefore, are you satisfied with the specs, price, camera of Xiaomi MI5S and MI5S plus?


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