Update! Xiaomi MI5S Will Feature 5.15 inch Force Touch RAM 6GB


A variety of Chinese smartphone manufacturers will greet the busy next half year of 2016. However, Xiaomi has exposed in advance about their product line. We have also reported that Xiaomi is planning to release Xiaomi Mi note 2 and Xiaomi mi5s in the next half year. However, we have confirmed that Xiaomi MI5S is a high-end smartphone with the most understanding performance than before.


In terms of its name, Xiaomi MI5S is going to be an advanced version of Xiaomi MI5. It will use metal unibody as Xiaomi MI Note 2.  And MI5S will increase force touch screen, Qualcomm Ultrasonic wave front fingerprint identification, and dual rear camera, as you know, no smartphone has been equipped with dual rear camera. So Xiaomi MI5S will be the first one if they released it early. But Xiaomi mi5s will still use 5.15inch 1080p screen with 1920*1080p screen resolution same as Xiaomi MI5.


Xiaomi MI5S is a smartphone with top configuration according to latest news, so it will be at least RAM 6GB, right now Xiaomi has not release RAM 6GB smartphone, and other brands like Letv, Oppo, Elephone, Homtom,etc have shared the RAM 6GB one, so xiaomi will not fall behind. And Letv will release its first RAM 8GB smartphone soon. Therefore, in the next half year of 2016, Xiaomi is really busy for new products including Xiaomi mi5s, Xiaomi mi note 2 curved screen, Xiaomi mi notebook. Of course, Xiaomi mi smart bike which will be released today. So Xiaomi mi5s will be at least $450. Just stay tuned!


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