Update: Xiaomi MI6 Should Be Released until February 14


Previously, we reported that Xiaomi will delay the announcement of Xiaomi MI6 due to 10nm chipset yield stock, but right now there is the latest news about Xiaomi MI6 release date, it should come out until Chinese New Year, and this smartphone will be the first Chinese one to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor. Currently, it claims Xiaomi MI6 will be released until February 14, Valentines’ Day.


There is a poster about Xiaomi MI6 leaked by a netizen. Although the clarity is not high, we can still see a giant word ‘6’ in the middle. In addition, there shows the words about ‘Xiaomi 2017 New Product Spring Press Conference’. So we can speculate it should be Xiaomi MI6.


And in the poster, it leaked that Xiaomi MI6 will be released in Chinese National Center on February 14, the slogan of this phone is ‘What you want is all here’, which hints that Xiaomi MI6 will be the most powerful Xiaomi flagship.


Besides Snapdragon 835 processor, it is said that Xiaomi MI6 will have curved screen, and the curved screen manufacturer still uses LG, Xiaomi company has prepared richer package, it will not only have Snapdragon 835 version, but also called it as Xiaomi MI6S, Xiaomi MI6E and Xiaomi MI6P, etc.


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