UPENDS UpBar RS Disposable Vape Review – Mesh Coil is The Future


The UPENDS brand is also part of the ALD group and is represented by its own products: UpCott, UpPen, UpPen Plus, UpOX, UpPor pods, as well as disposable devices called UpONE, which were created using specially selected flavors, due to which you will get bright and rich tastes. UPENDS now released another novelty. In this review, we will look at another product from UPENDS. The new sub-system is called UpBar RS and has a more familiar form factor.

Main Characteristics:

  • Size: 96mm x 20mm x 9mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Up to 600 Puffs
  • Mesh Coil
  • 18 Flavors Available

Packaging of UPENDS UpBar RS 

UPENDS UpBar RS disposables vapes are sold in individual cardboard boxes with bright colors of constituent flavors. On the “front” side there is the name of the Brand and novelty model with the filled liquid in English. On the “back” all the necessary information, including technical data, restrictions, addresses of the manufacturer and importer, certificates, and mandatory warnings about the dangers of nicotine.

Once we open the box UpBar RS disposables vape packed with a plastic wrapper, you’ll also need to remove a silicone stopper from the mouthpiece.


The UPENDS UpBar RS vape is a rectangular elongated brick with rounded edges. The device is small and quite light, despite the metal used in the construction and a decent 400 mAh battery. Such a “felt pen” will easily fit in any pocket, even in a jacket, even in jeans, even in a shirt or jacket. Thanks to the wide mouthpiece, with a strong desire, UPENDS UpBar RS can even be held in the teeth without hands, like a regular cigarette. If you are not confused by 40 grams in your mouth.

The texture and palette of colors used to cover a striped sticker to match the flavors are quite impressive – Upends offers its customers a choice of as many as 18 options.  There are two vents on the bottom of the device, but there is no airflow control. The vertical stripes were created to pay tribute to the best football team in the world. The logo of the device is a flying football with the brand and model name on the front of the device. On the back of the device, each flavor is displayed. The design isn’t the flashiest or flashiest, but the hardware should be for the price, so that’s to be expected.

UPENDS UpBar RS is not rechargeable and is designed as a single charger. The 400mAh battery should last for 3-4 hours of continuous vaping and up to 800 Puffs. Heavy paper can damage the battery and use up to 2ml of e-juice in 48 hours. This UPENDS disposable vape delivers light MTL hits with great warmth and flavor thanks to its 1.4-ohm mesh coil. The flavor delivery is consistent and bold (with the exception of the peach ice cream, which felt like it needed more flavor). The fingerprint sensor is not as sensitive as it used to be. 2% nicotine e-juice is on the low side for most papers. Because the contraction is weak, the throat is less affected.

Flavors Testing of Upends UpBar RS

The manufacturer’s website presents as many as 18 variations of different tastes, I got only 12 of them. In order to make an impression about the line, I think this will be enough. The full list of devices looks like this (highlighted are I got):

  • Mango Ice
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Cola Ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Apple Ice
  • Ice Mint
  • Tobacco
  • Banana Ice
  • Orange Ice
  • Kiwi PassionFruit Guava
  • Cranberry Grape
  • Apple Guava
  • Watermelon Cantaloupe
  • Raspberry Lemon Ice
  • Passion Fruit
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Watermelon Breeze

Banana Ice

The sugary-sweet and even tart banana smell are more reminiscent of chewing gum than real fruit. The taste is the same: bright, rich, almost with a dry starchy note of chewing gum on the tongue and a decent portion of cold on the throat both in the puff and after exhalation. A sugary, fragrant, and very cold banana, sometimes reminiscent of an instant fruit drink from a bag. I personally know ardent lovers of such tastes.

Mango Ice

It smells like a sweet exotic fruit, the shade of the skin is very weak, and the mango “spruce” is almost invisible. The mango is not just “cold”, it is still “icy” here, judging by the cold when puffed on the tongue and throat, it was kept for at least a week in the freezer. The pair has the usual sweetness, merging with the cooler on inhalation, a slightly astringent aftertaste after exhalation, and a noticeable shade of coniferous peel, reminiscent of unripe fruit. Very good, it looks like a ripening fruit, not yet soft enough, but quite ripe to be cut into cubes.

Watermelon Breeze

The aroma is pleasant, sweet, but not cloying, while noticeably fresh with a noticeable proportion of green flesh. The taste in a pair already resembles a sugar watermelon candy with a pleasant long aftertaste, in which you can feel not only the pulp, but also the freshness of greens, and a slight hint of crusts. What is pleasant, without bitterness? It would be interesting, of course, to find out who was involved in the localization of these devices, and on what basis he signed the tastes in the line as “icy”, “cold” or cool.” But, curiously, almost everywhere there is a good “hit” – and here there is a noticeable cooler, it seems to be not much, but it is here that I would describe its amount as “cold”.

Blueberry Ice

Unexpectedly (for me), the smell here does not resemble perfume blackberries but is much closer to the promised blueberries – sour, with a light forest aroma, and without excessive sweetness. In a puff, the mix becomes similar to the blueberry compote, sweet and sour, as if with a small portion of citric acid, but at the same time fragrant and with a slightly astringent aftertaste of berry skins. And, of course, with a decent portion of the cold. In general, blueberries are good and do not go into raspberries or currants, but quite plausibly repeat slightly sour, but real berries.

Cola Ice

The smell of cola is pleasant, moderately sweet, and invigorating with a chill even before the first puff. The taste on the inhale with berry notes and freezing cold, the cooler was not spared here from the word “absolutely”. On exhalation, we are not even talking about any drink, I want to warm my throat as soon as possible, although the very hint of soda and pleasant sweetness remains in the aftertaste. Okay, but very cold!

Peach Ice

The smell is pure peach compote, fresh, cold, and very sweet. When paired, it tastes like peach skin, practically without pulp, green and with astringency in the aftertaste, fragrant and sweet, so much so that it looks more like jam. And, of course, terribly cold, as if a peel was scraped off a frozen fruit, sprinkled with frost with sugar, and served as a dessert in this form. I must admit that it is very tasty. And cold!

Ice Mint

The aroma of ICE MINT has a pronounced citrus hue, and sometimes it seems that it is a drink like a mojito or similar. The taste on the inhale is sharp and biting; with a lot of mints, a lot of menthol,s and a drop of cooler. All three cooling components are well balanced, and after a couple of puffs, the throat ceases to be covered with an ice crust, and in taste, just mint turns into sweet pepper, and some citrus sourness even slips in the aftertaste.


In general, such a one-time format seemed convenient to me. Due to the small battery, the size turned out to be small, while there is a charge, and a volume of 2.0 ml can be enough for many users for a couple of weeks of unhurried soaring (you won’t be able to rush with 20 mg) It remains to mention the price. Visit on Official Website.


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