Use These Ten Best Video Editing Tools If You Are Looking To Create Videos For Your Brand


Gone are the days when the only way to express your ideas was through writings or images. Now we have arrived at the age of videos. Videos rule the internet. YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter; you will at least see one video per day in your life.

The vast reach and popularity of video content provide an excellent opportunity for individuals or professionals to share their ideas and content quite easily. The promotion of your brand ideas and values through videos is an essential aspect of the growth of the company. And to create engaging videos, one must use the best tools available in the market.

Here is a list of 10 best online video editors that you can use to create the most engaging videos for your brand. So, let us begin!

  1. InVideo

The simple interface of InVideo does not demand professional skills. Even a beginner can create stunning video outputs within minutes. It has a collection of 3000+ designer templates to boost traffic and generate more leads. The intelligent video assistant guides you through creating the best. Along with excellent customer support, they also have a provision to have one-on-one sessions with experts.

  1. iMovie

This tool is a compulsory attraction for Apple lovers. Forged by the most talented software engineers of Apple, iMovie is a real lure. The comfortable and user-friendly interface is a treat for beginners. With the support of 4k resolution, iMovie lets you edit any video that you want. The multimedia aspect enables you to carry out your project on multiple devices. For example, you can complete your half-done project (that you were doing in your smartphone) on your PC or desktop. The Green Screen effect teleports you into the exotic corners of the world. Just choose a pretty photo, and an exotic destination, and ta-da! You are there!

  1. SDC Free Video Editor

SDC Free Video Editor has a flexible and easy to understand user interface that has a good collection of simplified soundtracks and high-end video filters. The software provides various handy options to the users like conversion tools to convert video types; DVD authoring that provides a default route to burn disks and a non-linear editor to create innovative video outputs at any location you want.  

  1. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a professional video editing platform that provides a wide range of functionalities, starting from simple editing to intricate video designs. The powerful editing platform offers the user to carry out the required changes and innovations all according to the need. The user receives all the control enabling the apt precision that your video demands. You must check out the impressive ‘360 video editing’ and ‘video masking techniques’ provided in this software.

  1. Davinci Resolve

Just like the exotic name, Davinci Resolve is known for its remarkable and exotic features apt for both the professionals and the beginners alike. The professional 8k editing is the feature that the professionals love. Whereas, the provision of the easy creation of cinematic feature film attracts the beginners. The multi-user collaboration provided enables a group of individuals to work together in a single project. The platform supports both online and offline editing and ensures high-end video production.

  1. Video Creek

Video Creek helps you create excellent intro videos for your business, YouTube channel, and personal blogs, all at the convenience of a few clicks. The online video editing tools provided by Video Creek enables a user to create funny videos to be shared at various social media platforms. They have a large and attractive collection of video templates studded with amazing graphics. You need to select a suitable video template, your video to be modified and need to follow the steps. And the result is stunning HD quality videos at zero cost.

  1. Avidemux

Available for BSD, Mac, Linux, and windows, Avidemux is a ‘must-check’ for every video editor. Avidemux supports a wide range of file types that you can edit according to your required convenience. The user-friendly interface lets you carry out sophisticated processes automatically with a few clicks. Choose your clips and let Avidemux do the hard work for you. Create stunning customised video output for your short movies, long movies, TV shows, etc.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe, known for its wide range of software products, has an excellent option for the video editors. It will help you create your video content quite easily with any device that you have. Adobe Premiere Pro provides a wide range of video editing functionalities starting from 8k editing to virtual reality. The Premiere Pro is also compatible with other adobe software packages like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe effects, Adobe Stock, etc. Get ready to swim in the creative flow of your innovative ideas and integrated work methodologies with Adobe Premiere pro. 

  1. Media Composer

The time-saving features of Media Composer help individuals to escalate their innovation with its advanced tool collection. Media Composer will guide you from the first cut of your video to the finished video output. The efficient Avid media engine of the software helps you create the best video graphics in the market. Along with the powerful video interfaces, Media Composer also has an option to let its users join a creative community to share their piece of knowledge.

  1. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro provides quicker and proficient methods to create efficient video output all according to your demands. The platform offers the utmost freedom to choose suitable ways to apply your creativity proficiently. Some of the striking features of the software are 3D titles, advanced image compositing, motion tracking, and impressive special effects. In addition to the easy-to-understand interface, they even provide easy tutorials, tips and tricks to create your best edits. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best is sometimes confusing. There are a lot of attractive options to choose from. But it is recommended to choose according to your budget and need. Before considering the right software for your videos, consider visiting the websites to try the demo versions of the concerned software to check if the software satisfies your requirements. Well, there are a lot of online video editors available so that you do not need to download anything on our Mac or PC. Buy or choose only when you find it useful. Good luck!


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