Utilizing Your Mobile to Become Richer


Mobile phones have taken over not only the millennial generation, but almost everyone under its spell such that everyone has become hooked to using it multiple hours throughout the day. When you are spending so much time on your phone, you might want to look out for opportunities where you can make little extra cash. There are multiple sites and applications on phones that you can use and become richer in just days. Some options are:

  1. Watching Videos and Clicking Sites

What can be easier than to just plainly surf sites and click on advertisements or links and earn money? There are a lot of legit sites and videos these days that you can just click on and earn easy money. This might seem like a bit of a workout for your fingers, but it will be all worth it in the end. The sites usually pay you with points which you can redeem in the form of cash through platforms like PayPal.

  1. Survey

Taking surveys online can help you earn cash a lot faster than many freelance options. There are multiple platforms and applications which provide you the option to take online surveys anywhere, anytime; and you can in turn earn cash which you can easily withdraw through PayPal.

  1. Sell Unwanted Items or Start a Business

We all possess a lot of unwanted things that we don’t require and can give out or sell to someone in need. Selling unwanted items around from the house or from your personal collection can help you earn money just by sitting at your home. Using sites like eBay is an easy option, you can just add an image and the price with its specifications and people will bid on it and you will get the best price for it. You can also start an online business by making small items if you’re crafty and do a business through phone to earn more money.

  1. Play Online Games

This is one of the best options for teenagers and young adults, who don’t mind spending a few hours playing games, while also earning money. There are quite some applications such as Qriket, which are easy to use like spinning the wheel, and you can win points which can be redeemed later in the form of cash. If you are lucky, you might even win the Mega Millions Billion Dollar Jackpot and become rich!


Whether you are a busy student or a regular office worker, you can spend those few extra minutes by playing online games and taking surveys just by using your smartphone. This will not require extra effort to go and spend a lot of time, transport etc., and will in turn favor you by paying you cash. This is best for students and for people who are struggling financially. Earning through your mobile is much more productive than just scrolling through your social media accounts or reading sites. This way, you can use your mobile to become rich in no time.


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