Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit Review: Comes With 5 Colors and 1600mAh Battery


Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit is controlled by a redesigned Vandy chip. Also, It comes with excellent features. So, let’s review it. let’s talk about its design, features and many more..!

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Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit


It comes in a compact size. Also, It’s introducing a 1600mAh implicit battery, and charged by USB of type-C port, which gives a battery-powered force supply and guarantees the toughness and smooth insight of e-cigarettes. It has a customizable pivoting screen, which can be acclimated to your inclination by simultaneously squeezing the catch “power” and “- “. The obstruction can be changed somewhere in the range of 0.2ohm and 3.0ohm, and the greatest force can arrive at 60W on the screen.

Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit


The e-cigarette is likewise outfitted with six securities: open circuit assurance, over-current insurance, 10 seconds remove, cut off, over-temperature insurance, low-battery cautioning, which can expand your wellbeing while at the same time partaking in the delight brought by the e-cigarette.

Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit has twofold tanks, the limit of DL case is 4.5ml, and MTL Pod Capacity is 3ml. It all the while upholds DL and MTL and has three cooling ports. Turn the cartridge, then, at that point pick distinctive breathe in manners: DL wind stream state, MTL wind stream state, air consumption wind stream state. The Vandy vape nox unit cartridge is viable with 4 sorts of VVC loops, including 0.3ohm VVC-30 curl, 0.6ohm VVC-60 curl, 0.9ohm VVC-90 loop, and 1.2ohm VVC-120 loop, and every atomizer is straightforward, which is advantageous to check the proprietorship to add E-squeeze on schedule.

Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit

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Vandy Vape NOX Pod Kit comes with excellent features. Also, It comes in the best design. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from Vapesourcing.


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