Vaporesso Launched Luxe XR Max during TPE 2023


Today, February 24 – According to external sources TODAY, VAPORESSO is one of the world’s largest makers of open vape hardware, launched its all-new 80W Pod Mod Luxe XR Max during this year’s Total Product Expo 2023 Las Vegas (TPE), which took place in Las Vegas from February 22 to 24.

The China subsidiary of Small International, the world’s largest e-cigarette company, said the XR Max is the latest addition to the Luxe X family and is fully compatible with other Luxe X products.

Combining core features SSS leak-proofing technology with COREX, an innovative heating and flavoring technology developed by Vaporesso and powered by the company’s iconic Axon chip, Luxe XR MAX offers a simpler user interface than ever before, To help vape users get the best performance from their vape devices. The chip also equipping Vaporesso’s products with smart usage modes.

As part of the new design, Luxe XR MAX takes the classic clear, futuristic shape of Luxe X series and offers users a heightened sense of use. Its SSS leak-proof design, coupled with the brand’s COREX heating technology, effectively improves the flavor and service life of the GTX coil.

According to Vaporesso, the new models also have longer battery life, making them ideal for (DTL) users.


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