Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit Review– Is Luxury Within Grasp?


Vaporesso Luxe 80 Shell Set testimonial and also this gadget use the same GTX Shuck as included with their GTX GO 80 device. It likewise makes use of among its GTX mesh coils, hardly unexpectedly offered the number of Vaporesso products they work with.

It seems they are using some kind of consistency across the board with their mesh coils. It may likewise be a case of if it ain’t damaged don’t attempt to fix it … Vaporesso knows for a range of MOD including the Luxe and also Luxe Nano both with touch display capacities. After that, there’s the IP67 rated follow-up, the Luxe II mod.

The Vaporesso Luxe 80 appears to be a combination of a MOD and shell. It certainly exposes no resemblance to the Luxe Q as well as Luxe PM40 which are typical-looking shell packages. The GTX shuck follows current trends by tackling the look of a traditional sub-ohm tank– without the 510 threading certainly.

I highly rated the unassuming Vaporesso Barr MTL Husk set for flavor, overall performance as well as transportability.

So what regarding the Luxe 80? Allow’s learn.

What Can We Anticipate From the Vaporesso Luxe 80 Skin Kit?

There are similarities in between the Boodle PX80 mod as well as the Vaporesso Luxe 80 Vessel Package. More so with the visual appeals as opposed to functionality.

Instead of the usual side or bottom fill vessels such as those discovered with the Luxe PM40, Target PM80, or Osmall, the GTX sheathing 26 is the top fill. We can expect this to add convenience when time is at a premium.

With an optimal power outcome of 80W anticipates the whole range of GTX coils to be suitable with the vessel– that includes the RBA area.

Double airflow is developed right into the ring of the battery section. This implies we can anticipate either a ventilated straight lung vape or a more limiting one.

A big interior battery capability must maintain the tool running for at least a day with either of the included coils. If that still isn’t sufficient, Vaporesso has also released a solitary 18650 battery variation, the Luxe 80S. Keep in mind the Luxe 80S is a little larger in dimension in order to accommodate the exterior battery. It also boosts the overall weight of the gadget.

Inside Package

The covering kit comes in a slipcase. Eliminate this and also raise the internal lid to subject the following:

Luxe 80 battery
GTX hull 26 (5ml/2ml TPD).
GTX 0.2 ohm mesh coil.
GTX 0.3 ohm mesh coil.
Type C billing cable.
User manual.
Guarantee card.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit– Trick Features.

Vaporesso has actually included an extra securing ring (seal) around the base of the GTX sheath to provide an additional layer of defense against leaks. It’s currently much easier to fill up than conventional skins via a detachable leading cap– once more, significantly in keeping with a conventional below ohm container.

The Axon chip makes a welcome return and so does its capacity to terminate the gadget in 0.001 seconds. The chip also suggests the ideal power for the setup coil via the use of its wise variable power level mode. A 0.96 in TFT color display provides a pin-sharp display. The menu system is extremely fundamental and also easy to use.

A web weight of 136g makes certain a high degree of portability.

The Vaporesso Luxe 80 Package is readily available in a common 5ml Shell capacity or as a 2ml version for TPD policies as well as laws– you know the score now. It can be found in a variety of colors, these being timber grain, carbon fiber (under review), Gorilla, Steel Blue as well as Steel Red.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Shuck Set– Specifications.

Dimensions 111.1 x 28 x 39.4 mm.
Sheath capability 5ml/2ml (TPD).
GTX 0.2 ohm mesh coil 45-60W.
GTX 0.3 ohm mesh coil 32-45W.
Interior battery capacity 2500mAh.
Power outcome 5-80W.
Billing current DC 5V/2A Type C.
Show 0.96 in the TFT color screen.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Shell Package– Style as well as Develop Top Quality.

Battery Section.

The high toughness stainless-steel body has a plastic-coated sticker on one side, representing the color scheme. A faux leather finish complements the opposing side. It’s a little spongy and has some give. It feels very comfortable when in the palm of the hand.

When ignoring the pod’s docking chamber the height of the battery is 68.2 mm. Vaporesso is taking into account the raised fire and menu buttons with their width specification while the depth is indeed as stated in the manual.

In general, the battery is quite short and compact. It tapers at the rear to accommodate the fixed pod chamber. Two spring-loaded gold-plated coil contacts sit in the center of the chamber.

Two fixed airflow slots measuring around 13mm in width with a height of just under 2mm feature on either side.

The battery section has quite a few contour lines and extends around the base. There isn’t a single sharp edge, adding to the overall comfort when held in the hand.

The fire button although of ample size does feel a little spongy. The menu buttons appear to protrude slightly further making more of a click when pressed. Both respond well during use.

Below both menu buttons is the type C USB charging port. There won’t be any problems charging in a vertical position which is another convenience.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit– How To Operate The Battery.

It’s the usual five clicks to power the battery on or off.

  • Press the fire button three times to lock/unlock the device.
  • Hold the left and right menu buttons to enter the settings menu.

It’s then possible to choose from the following menu options. Use the left or right menu buttons to scroll to the selected setting.

  • Variable wattage– displays wattage output.
  • Variable voltage– displays voltage output.
  • Smart variable wattage– the device auto detects optimal power output.
  • Puff counter– records a seven-day vaping history.
  • Colour theme– Choose from green, blue or pink.
  • Default (I’m sure this means default!)– restores factory settings.
  • Exit.

The AXON chip includes a host of safety features including USB input protection, low battery, no-load, short circuit, over time, and overheat protection.

GTX Pod 26.

The pod measures 40.8 mm in height when including the fixed 810 mouthpieces. The base measures 24.5 mm but the juice viewing area increases the diameter to 25.7 mm. Designed to seal comprehensively, the pod is will saturate the cotton efficiently. It includes a locking ring to provide SSS leak-resistant technology.

Made of a tough PCTG material, the pod is able to withstand a few knocks and the occasional drop. Around the bottom of the pod, there are dual (twin) airflow ports. Individually they measure just under 6mm.

A strong magnetic contact ensures that it never pulls free of the battery when turning to make airflow adjustments.

I tested the magnetic force and found it to be very strong.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Top Cap.

I’m not a fan of the removable top cap. It incorporates a molded mouthpiece and feels quite weak. A rubber gasket sits inside the cap and includes three seals. Any of these align with the fill port when attaching– adding to the leak-free approach.

However, the top cap is not quite a quarter-turn bayonet-style fit. It needs to snap into place in order to secure it. It’s not the best way of securing a top cap in my opinion and may be prone to snapping or cracking.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Fill Port.

Filling the pod works by inserting a bottle nozzle into the nonreturn valve-style setup. It worked very well during tests and I appreciated the fact I could actually see the nozzle inside the pod.

It just provided added reassurance.

However larger bottle tips may struggle to pass into the pod. I didn’t have any to test the theory unfortunately but it’s something to be aware of.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit– How To Install the Coil.

The GTX range of mesh coils is all plug and play which makes them simple to install. Remember to align the flat sides of the coil before pushing up into the pod.

The dual rubber seals of the coils will do the rest and provide an adequate seal.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit– How To Fill The Pod.

  • With a plug and play coil installed remove the top cap by twisting it counterclockwise.
  • Locate the fill port gasket and push the bottle tip inside.

  • Fill the tank to a level above the cotton-wicking ports.
  • Replace the top cap.
  • Leave the juice to soak into the cotton for around five minutes before vaping.

How Does the Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit Perform?

GTX 0.3 ohm Mesh Coil (32-45W) Best 40W.

The Axon chip registered the coil exact at 0.3 ohms. I carried out tests using smart variable wattage mode, this set the power to 40W.

The e-liquid of choice was Castle Long by Five Pawns– this is a complex mix of sweet, sour, smoky with a beverage thrown in for good measure. It has a 50VG/50PG juice ratio and is freebase nicotine in the 10ml TPD compliant bottle.

I carried out the initial tests with the airflow fully open. While it’s possible to enjoy an extended inhale there’s still around a ten percent restriction. This does allow some added heat from the coil to generate before exhaling.

This setting produces a broader all-around flavor. The almond and nutty tones of the e-juice dominate while a few complimentary smoky back notes drift in. It’s not the quietest of vapes with the airflow wide open and I did notice some turbulence but the vapor production was impressive for a 50/50 liquid ratio.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Mid Airflow Restriction.

Closing airflow down to mid-position caused a drastic change in flavor quality as well as a restriction. Without a doubt, this now became a semi restrictive direct lung vape.

Although still a little loose for my own personal liking, I experienced further warmth during inhale and the brown sugar content began to ping along nicely. In fact, it engulfed the nutty sub notes while inviting more of the vanilla bean. This created a very satisfying smoothness to the exhale while vapor production remained suitably dense.

Further Airflow Restriction.

With airflow restricted by two-thirds, the real magic of the e-liquid becomes apparent. This is where all flavor notes merge seamlessly together. Each one remains clearly identifiable, I think that’s pretty impressive for a pod kit.

At this level of suppression, the beverage properties spring to life with Kentucky Bourbon nuances teasing the taste buds. The Bourbon fuses with the creamy smoothness of coconut milk adding to the texture and is most welcome.

That’s not to exclude other flavor tones. They do pop up on occasion working towards a perfect blending of the included concentrates. This becomes blatantly obvious while enjoying a slow drawn-out exhale.

However, all this flavorsome goodness comes at a price. During inhale the vape becomes much louder, heavier airflow restriction also creates a whistling tone.

I can live with it. Why? Because this is my favorite style of vaping.

GTX 0.2 ohm Mesh Coil (45-60W) Best 55W.

Again the Axon Chip read the coil true for resistance values. This time I used Element E-Liquid American Apple Pie from their Tonix range. It’s a 73%+ VG ratio with freebase nicotine inside the 10ml TPD compliant bottle.

As before I went with the recommended wattage output using smart variable wattage– 55W and with the airflow wide open. There’s a definite increase in power over the GTX 0.3 ohm coil and has the effect of offering a little extra in the way of flavor with minimum restriction.

The coil produces a very wet and saturated vape experience during exhale. The vape is cool but offers ample vapor production with much less turbulence on the inhale. Is it as noisy as the GTX 0.3 ohm coil? Yup. If anything I found it to be slightly louder.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Mid Airflow Restriction.

There isn’t as drastic a restriction when spinning the adjustable airflow to mid position. The vape is certainly very smooth if still somewhat noisy. There’s also an increase in warmth which really helps the cinnamon content along nicely.

It sits on the tip of the tongue by way of an introduction. This restriction also brought out more sweetness from the apple. The intense saturation remains and unfortunately nullifies any of the pie crust I was hoping to enjoy.

Further Airflow Restriction.

The cinnamon content now becomes overpowering, subduing the fruit content. The mouthpiece becomes quite hot and uncomfortable on the tongue during longer inhales. Using this juice profile with a restrictive direct lung vape has a tendency to contribute to a rougher inhale– one that I don’t really appreciate.

Although it’s a less saturated vape there’s still no sign of the pastry, which is a disappointment. The only way that’s likely to appear is if the vape was much drier during exhale. As a plus point, the GTX 0.2 ohm coil wasn’t whistling under these tight airflow restrictions. Optimal flavor and cloud production occurred with the airflow set around mid-way.


Instant firing.
Excellent flavor and cloud production from both GTX mesh coils.
Smart variable wattage mode is a huge plus.
Informative display (best wattage parameters).
Easy to navigate menus.
Compact and ergonomic design.


Both coils are prone to leaking from their base.
The 0.3-ohm mesh coil whistles under tighter airflow restriction.
The removable top cap feels cheap (subjective).

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit– Final Review Verdict.

It’s great how the display shows recommended wattage parameters. Not every pair of eyes can tell simply by looking at the small print on a coil

. Yup– that includes me lol!

It’s another small yet meaningful step forwards in terms of useful but often overlooked screen information. The pod spins inside the battery cradle when altering airflow. I found this to be something of a learning curve.

This is a natural consequence of a pod-based system trying to emulate a sub-ohm tank. It takes five swift clicks of the fire button to turn the device on but a more casual approach works when switching the device off … I did find that to be a little odd.

GTX Mesh Coil Performance.

When testing the coils I looked at other juice ratios. I found both coils to be compatible between 50VG/50PG– 80VG/20PG. With no loss in flavor and very little to separate them for cloud production.

Without a doubt, the 0.2-ohm coil provided additional clout, creating a more intense and wet exhale. This did come at the expense of a few flavor notes. The 0.3-ohm coil edged it for me simply because of how successfully it handled more complex profiles.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Battery Performance.

The battery lasted a total of nine hours under the 0.3-ohm coil. I vaped around 8ml of e-liquid. When the battery icon fell to one bar there was still an hour’s use before having to recharge.

It lasted for seven and a half hours using the 0.2-ohm coil during which time I vaped around 6ml of e-liquid. The battery was pumping out a consistent 3.3 V at all times.

Type C USB charging was a bit quirky. I was expecting around the usual one-hour wait. It turned out to be closer to 90 minutes during the initial test charge.

Subsequent tests were much nearer the mark. Fast charging or not, it’s possible to vape while plugged into a wall socket. I also appreciated the screen display showing the remaining charging time as well as the percentage complete.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Ergonomics.

The Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod kit is one comfortable little bugger to hold in the hand. It’s devoid of sharp edges which makes a huge difference.

Even the faux leather softens over time increasing the comfort factor. The raised fire button is large and placed in a convenient position that’s comfortable for thumb firing. This means it’s always accessible, easy to locate.

The wide 810 style mouthpiece feels natural enough although I’d rather have seen it color matched with that of the device. It could’ve taken away from the only tacky looking part of the device if I’m being an honest Joe

. Or Neil.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Leaking Issues.

Unfortunately despite claims to the contrary, both coils do leak. Quite badly in all honesty. Initially, I put it down to excessive condensate build-up around the pod airflow ports.

The leaking only seemed to occur after replenishing the pod a few times. As a consequence, both coils would intermittently short out. Maybe due to excessive juice on the contacts themselves.

At least I had the chance to see the effectiveness of built-in safety features.

Was thin e-liquid the cause for leaking?

Possibly but that still doesn’t explain why it happened with an 80VG/20PG ratio.

Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod Kit– Who’s It Suited To?

I think the Vaporesso Luke 80 Pod Kit is ideal for anyone whose intrigued by direct lung vaping but hasn’t yet tried it. Those that are curious about the nature of sub-ohm vaping without the need for a large, heavy, and cumbersome setup.

The GTX Pod 26 is a great starting point for those intrigued by sub-ohm tanks– how they look, feel and operate.

The menu functions are quite basic and easy to learn. This makes the device an ideal introduction for those looking for a step up in power. There’s no fussing and flapping over how to get through multiple screens.

The Axon chip even auto-suggests the best power settings. I really like this feature. It’s one that will help a relatively new vaper.

Top filling takes the sting out of silicone stoppers and their occasional awkwardness. It reduces the chances of e-liquid spillage quite significantly. So all in all the Vaporesso Luxe 80 Pod kit is low maintenance, highly portable, and a very user-friendly device.

A good introduction into the world of vape pod kits as well as providing a base-level understanding of how sub-ohm tanks work. So is this a pod kit you’ll be looking to buy?



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