Vaporesso LUXE XR Pod Kit Review – Transparent Design Emerges a Futuristic Style


Vaporesso LUXE XR is a Pod system from the popular Chinese brand Vaporesso. The model continues the rather successful “luxury” line of the company, delighting with a remarkable design, a worthy technical component, and updated cartridges.

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Packaging and Content


Vaporesso LUXE XR is made in the form factor of a compact “bar” with rounded edges, due to which it is very pleasant in the palm of your hand. The dimensions here are really small – 98 mm high and 31.6 x 21.6 mm along the edges, so the Podik will easily fit in the pocket of ordinary jeans. The material used is multilayer plastic, so the weight is also small – only 98 grams. However, as the manufacturer assures, the plastic composite is very wear-resistant, which will allow the device to maintain its presentation as long as possible.

And there is something to brag about here – Vaporesso LUXE XR has received a truly stylish look. The transparent body is responsible for expressiveness, which exposes the technical stuffing and gives the appearance of a fair amount of futurism. On the front side, you can see a concise Fire button with an integrated LED indicator. Its peculiarity is that it not only lights up when activated but also reports on the battery level: one, two, or three burning LEDs correspond to values ​​​​of 0-40%, 40-60%, and 60-100%.

Battery and Charging

The Vaporesso LUXE XR is equipped with the proprietary AXON chipset – its nameplate can just be seen through the transparent walls of the Pod. The board operates in constant power mode and is capable of delivering a good 40 watts. The range of supported resistances is not specified, but if we focus on complete evaporators, then we have at least 0.4 Ohm, not bad.

The Pod system is powered by a built-in battery with a solid capacity of 1500 mAh – this indicator is quite enough for a day of active work. Charging is carried out using the Type-C port located on the bottom of the device. The current is 1.5A, so it will take about an hour to fully recharge the battery, which is quite fast.


Vaporesso LUXE XR cartridges deserve special attention. There is no traditional airflow adjustment here, but it can be adjusted by rearranging the cartridge. Especially for this Pod, two tanks were released with the so-called “fixed” tightening, due to the design; MTL is focused on tight traction, and RDL is semi-free. In appearance, they can be distinguished by the mouthpiece and the presence of the MTL inscription; otherwise, the tanks are almost identical: they have a decent volume of 5 ml, bottom filling, and leakage protection using SSS Leak-Resistant technology. In addition, the device is compatible with kariki from his “half-brother” Vaporesso Luxe X.

The tanks are designed to accept replacement GTX-2 series coils, but due to design, only narrow top coils will fit. The kit includes a couple of heads on a grid of 0.4 and 0.8 ohms. Accordingly, the first one is for the RDL version, and the second one is for the “cigarette box”. In both cases, it is worth counting on a good taste transfer.

Should You Buy Vaporesso LUXE XR?

Vaporesso LUXE XR turned out to be a truly remarkable Sub-system, which fully corresponds to the name “Lux”. The pod pleases with a compact and spectacular case, a productive board; a capacious battery with fast charging, as well as an interestingly implemented airflow setting through tanks; with a fixed draft and replaceable evaporators. In other words, a bright and eye-catching device in its segment; which can be considered with confidence as an option for every day.

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