Vaporesso’ new Power Alpha technology debuts at TPE: Increased battery life for the same volume


Recently, the 2023 International Tobacco Show (TPE) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, USA. At TPE International, Vaporesso unveiled its new disposable product solution — Power ALPHA.

Power Alpha has two patented technologies — TOPOWER Disposable battery and COREX Heating body technology, which solve the problems of short battery life, inconvenient charging and bland taste after charging for many disposable products.

According to the introduction, under the same volume, TOPOWER disposable battery power increase by 30%; With the same amount of power, the volume of the battery is 30% lower than that of ordinary batteries, and it can provide 6,000 ports without charging. The battery technology also ensures a consistent taste throughout the product’s life cycle.

In addition, Power Alpha has upgraded its heating element solution COREX, which increases the conductivity of atomized liquid by 15.8% and the absorption rate of atomized liquid by 23.5%. The new airflow design increases atomization efficiency by 30% and eliminates condensate completely.

At the TPE International exhibition, brands such as KIWI, an electronic atomizing brand equipped with FEELM MAX, a high-end technology brand of Symol, exhibited together. KIWI is Italy’s leading electronic atomizing brand with 40,000 offline retail stores.

VAPORESSO, an open brand owned by Smores, also showcased its new technology product LUXE XR MAX at TPE. The 80W high power product uses ultra-high density cell for the first time, which enables the product to maintain the compact shape design while increasing the battery capacity by 40% compared with the same power and size products. At the same time, the innovative COREX cotton core heating technology is applied, which also increases the taste recovery degree and the service life of atomizing projectile by 50%.


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