Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD Review: A A TRULY SWAG POD


Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD a maximum 60W POD that gives reliable flavor through the GTX loop received the case, carrying the finish to wreck free curl supplanting with the ability of smooth flexible wind current.

Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD


When we talk about the design of Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD. It is not just small but comes in a compact size. Also, It gives you the same quality in its little size. More, It has Quad Leakage Protection. IT has an Improved Anti-Leaking System. Swag PX80 has a 4ml which is (Standard) /2ml (TPD).

Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD

There is more if we talk about its trtucture. It comes with Triple-silicon Structure E-fluid Self-flowing System COILS PLATFORM COMPATIBLE The GTX loops and the SWAG PX80 work flawlessly to convey super smooth flavor in a moment while vaping.

Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD


Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD Also comes with the best features. It has gone through long periods of rigorous testing, we have at last had the option to make a loop we are genuinely glad for. With the cautious mix of various wicking materials and wind stream, we’ve discovered the ideal method to give you the flavors you need and merit from your e-juices. Also, It has Replaceable Coil Without Emptying Pod which is really the best and amazing features. There is more as we talked that  Quad Leakage Protection. The newest protection with maximum quality.

Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD


Vaporesso SWAG PX80 POD comes with a replaceable coil. It is easy to use and simple to carry anywhere. If you are thinking to buy this you are on the right point to buy this purchase this. It is easily available at Vaporesso Officials at an extraordinary price. So, what are you waiting for? Come and purchase this pod.


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