Vaporesso TARGET 80 Vs GEN 200 /(80S) Comparison Review


Vaporesso has been and is till pulling a lot of weight in the continuous manufacturing of exquisite, durable and long lasting vape pods. However, we would be looking at a few similarity between and comparison between the companys TARGET 80 and GEN 200 /(80S) vape pod kits.

Vaporesso TARGET 80 is the companys newly released 80W pod to be an addition to the TARGET Series while the GEN 200 /(80S) are the two new addition to the GEN Series. In terms of design, the company formed the TARGET 80 body in a rectangular shape so as to have ultra-durable build. While the company designed the GEN 200 /(80S) to be the lightest in both dual/ single battery usage mode. Although, it carries similar stylish body coating with the GEN S. Both pods are durably built to last long and also suite in different usage scene.

Another aspect to look into is the different Tanks that was embedded by both vape pods. TARGET 80 features the latest GTX POD TANK while the GEN 200 /(80S) is equipped with the innovative iTank. However, it will interest you to know the TARGET 80 possess the hi-tech Axon Chip inside so as the GEN 200 /(80S).

Features And Specs Of Both Vaporesso TARGET 80 And GEN 200 /(80S):

  • Design: Compact (TARGET 80); Ultra-light (GEN 200).
  • Chip: AXON (Both models).
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh (TARGET 80); Dual 18650 (GEN 200).
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml/ 2ml (TARGET 80); 8ml/ 2ml (GEN 200).

Lastly, TARGET 80 is compatible with all GTX coils to deliver a satisfying vaping experience regardless of your preference. On the GEN 200 /(80S) is the newly developed GTi coil platform that gives you more options to choose DTL experince.

Where To Buy:

The TARGET 80 is currently available for $ 69.9 on the Vaporesso official website. You can also purchase the GEN 200 /(80S) for $67.9 and $57.9 on the Vaporesso official website.


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