Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit Review – Portable and Pocket Friendly Product


The number of vapers, despite the constant restrictions at the legislative level, lobbied by representatives of tobacco companies, is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that more and more people are making the decision to switch to safer vapor, abandoning standard cigarettes. Therefore, vape manufacturers are constantly releasing more and more new devices, both very complex and functional, and as simple as possible. Vaporesso is certainly considered one of the leaders in the vape market, so it can afford to release even the most unambiguous devices.

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Recently, Vaporesso, together with the little-known company Moti, presented a rather interesting and original device – the Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit, which will certainly interest many vapers, since visually and in functionality it is a POD system, but in fact, it is a non-standard pod-mod.

Features: Technical specifications:
Stylish space design Material: aluminum alloy, PCTG
Comfortable handling Dimension: 73,3 x 25,4mm
Long-lasting 1150mAh battery Filling volume: 4ml
Intelligent MCU chipset Operation: manual (via fire button)
The filling volume of 4ml Battery: 1150mAh (Inbuilt)
Regulierbare Bottom Airflow Battery indicator: via LED (blue)
Durable X35 Coil Output power: 10-29W
Designed for DL ​​vaping Coils: Vaporesso X35 Coil 0,35 Ohm
Connection: Plug&Play (magnetic)


The Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit belongs to a fairly simple series, and therefore is equipped accordingly – without “buns”, but with everything that is necessary for a normal start of the device. In the box, the vaper will find:

  • Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit;
  • Cartridge X Mini Pod;
  • Coil X35 0.35ohm;
  • USB Type-C cable;
  • Warranty card;
  • User’s manual.

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Devices from the Chinese company Vaporesso are in deserved demand among vapers since at their low cost, the vaper gets reliable and functional devices. Given the fact that POD systems have been especially popular among vapers lately, the company produces quite a lot of them. But as it turned out, vapers want not only POD systems for vaping liquids based on nicotine salts and tight cigarette puffs, but also simple devices for alkaline (freebase) liquids. Therefore, Vaporesso, together with the not very well-known company Moti, released a somewhat non-standard device Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit, which can be categorized as very simple pod-mods (if any).

The form factor in which the device is made is quite familiar to vapers – it is a small pipe mod that fits perfectly in your pocket and sits in your hand. Its dimensions are really small – 73.3 * 25.4 mm, and it may seem that it is “plump”, but if you take into account the capacious battery, then everything is logical. The developers decided to make the body of the device from translucent plastic so that the vaper will be able to see the “stuffing” of the device – the printed circuit board and the microcircuits located on it.

The device is made in a fairly popular factor – a pipe modem, which, due to its small height, seems a little pot-bellied, but at the same time has fairly good ergonomics. You can buy Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit in six colors – grey, blue, green, gunmetal, silver, and purple.


The Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit uses a built-in 1150 mAh battery, which is a pretty good figure considering that the maximum output is 29 watts. The battery is charged using the now-standard USB Type-C connector located on the bottom of the device.

An important feature of this device is that it operates under the control of the MCU chipset, which is still unfamiliar to vapers but allows you to get a power of 10-29 watts. The power is automatically determined by the chipset depending on the resistance of the installed evaporator, and the only button in the center of the device is only responsible for activating the device. During activation and to determine the battery charge level, the lower part of the device glows, and it is very bright and only blue.

Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Cartridge

The Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit cartridge is made in one of the most popular formats today – a pod tank. It has an integrated drip type, and the cartridge is held in the battery pack with fairly strong magnets.

The device is designed to use the new type of coil of the X35 series on a grid. At the moment, the vaporizer is presented in a single resistance of 0.35 ohms; but, knowing the Vaporesso company, we can expect replenishment of the model range in the near future.

The Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit provides airflow control, implemented; as in most pod tanks, by rotating the tank relative to the base.

In order to fill the cartridge, you need to remove it from the battery pack; open the silicone plug at the bottom, and pour 4 ml of liquid into the tank.

Conclusions and impressions

The Vaporesso × Moti X Mini Pod Kit is an interesting device that is somewhat different from standard pod mods; but more like a modern version of the traditional iJust, made in a compact package. A vaper, buying this device, will get good autonomy, practicality, and good taste and bulk.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Capacious battery;
  • fast charging;
  • New productive chipset;
  • Replaceable evaporator on the grid;
  • Adjustable airflow;
  • Decent cartridge size.


  • For refueling, it is necessary to remove the cartridge from the battery pack;
  • Only one type of Coil;
  • No power adjustment.

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