Vaptex GORIN Vs GORIN Max Features, Specs, Design Comparison Review


Vaptex is a famous name in the vape industry at large. However, the company is doing marvelously well in bringing to existence innovative vaping devices with good features, specs and design as well.

Vaptex GORIN

Since the release of the GORIN Vape Pod and the GORIN Max Vape Pod, they have been at the top selling chart. Although, we would look at a short comparison of the main features and specs of these vape pods.

Vaptex GORIN Max

Vaptex GORIN Max

On the design aspect, both pods (GORIN and GORIN Max) adopted the no refilling, no charging, no button, no fuss design that makes it easy for all users of any of the vape pod to start puffing right out of the box. Although, the GORIN Max comes with a large e-liquid capacity of 12ml and delivers up to 4500 satisfyingly smooth puffs. While the GORIN pod come with 5ml e-liquid tank capacity that is able to deliver a maximum 2000 puffs.

Looking at the battery aspect of these vape devices from Vaptex. The GORIN Max is equipped with a large 1400mAh battery while the GORIN pod draws power from the equipped 800mAh battery.  So far, users of the GORIN pod device are opportune to enjoy only MTL (Mouth To Lungs). On the GORIN Max, users are exposed to both MTL (Mouth To Lungs) and RDL (Restricted Direct-Lung).


In comparison, the only thing both models of vape pod from Vaptex (GORIN and GORIN Max) is the 1.2 ohm mesh resistance coil. While the difference between both pods are; design, size, and features. GORIN Max remains the superior (upgraded) model of the GORIN pod series.


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