VECEE ELLO Vs VECEE MAZE Comparison Review


VECEE has a lot of vape devices with large e-liquid capacity to satisfy all your vaping needs. In comparison, the VECEE ELLO share a similar body shape with the VECEE MAZE but, they have different design at last. Although, both models of vape pods are equipped with large e-liquid tanks. The VECEE ELLO features a 14ml e-liquid capacity while the VECEE MAZE has a 10ml e-liquid capacity that is able to deliver a reasonable amount of puffs.

VECEE ELLO Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 14ml
  • 2 Resistance Coil: Mesh coil.
  • 3. Nicotine Strength: 5%.
  • 4. Battery Capacity: 650mAh ( in-built ).
  • 5. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.

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On design, the body of this vape pod from VECEE has scratch-resistant which helps to provide a comfortable handling experience. With the large 14ml e-liquid capacity, the VECEE ELLO is able to deliver up to 7000 incredible puffs for vapers comfortably. Inside this device is a powerful mesh coil that facilitates the production of massive rich flavors from each inhalation. There are about eleven ( 11 ) available flavors to enjoy this pod with.


VECEE MAZE Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 10ml.
  • 2. Resistance Coil: Vertical Mesh Coil.
  • 3. Nicotine Salt: 5%.
  • 4. Battery Capacity: 500mAh ( rechargeable ).
  • 5. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.
  • 6. Puffs: 6000.

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VECEE Maze is one of the preferred vape pods to buy and that is a result of its specifications and the affordable price tag on the VECEE official website. Inside the pod, there is a long-lasting rechargeable 500mAh battery that can be quickly charged via the USB Type- C charging interface positioned under the pod.


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