Vernee Apollo vs Iphone 7 Plus Fingerprint Scanner Review


Vernee has released its latest flagship smartphone, Vernee Apollo, which is outstanding for Helio X25 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, 2K screen which can be compatible with a VR to enjoy virtual reality experience.

As you know, high-end configuration can’t stand for everything about users’ experience. So Vernee is working on software development and optimization. They decided to compare Vernee Apollo with iPhone 7 Plus in unlocking speed by fingerprint scanner. It only takes 0.1 seconds to unlock.

Watch Vernee Apollo vs Iphone 7 Plus fingerprint scanner review below:

Vernee claims that they have optimized its software for more than 3 months before announcement. It allows 8 fingerprint input for registration, and Vernee has reduced the time-consuming step with only 0.05 seconds certification and  (>16Mh) and high power efficiency (<20 μA) SPI.

They also compared it to the iPhone 7 Plus and you can see how it went in the video below:

Vernee say that they have been optimizing Apollo’s software for over 3 months before the launch, with the fingerprint registration requiring only 8 fingerprint inputs. Vernee engineers have reduced the “most time-consuming” step, which is verification, to just 0.05 seconds, and equipped their flagship with a super fast (>16Mh) and high power efficiency (<20 μA) SPI.

Vernee said they have made two major features on their fingerprint scanner:

For most smartphones, the screen lights up after the recognition process. However Apollo’s screen unlocks during the same time your fingerprint is recognized.

Parallel connected matching process

Common smartphones need to go through “series connected” fingerprint matching process before unlock, meaning that fingerprint 1 will be first to be matched, and fingerprint 2 will be used when fingerprint 1 fails, with the rest in same manner.However the “parallel connected” fingerprint matching process of Apollo means that all the 5 sets fingerprint will be matched at the same time, therefore it consumes less times.
But it’s not enough to just unlock fast. The recognition rate is a more important factor. Vernee Apollo adopts 0.18 μm analogue-digital hybrid process, and comes with 112*96 pixel contact area which allows for 360° readability. Due to analog circuits and algorithm optimization, it solves the problem that wet finger can’t unlock the phone.

What’s more, Vernee Apollo has an image acquisition frequency of up to 50 times per second, much higher than the common 20-30 times per second. And backed by support from Precise Biometrics, the top fingerprint technology company, Apollo provides fast, precise, and safe user identification.

Some smartphones are unlocked after your fingerprint scanner is recognized, but  Apollo’s screen unlocks when your fingerprint scanner verified.


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