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The bezel-less phone has become a new hit in the Smartphone market. It takes a lot of engineering skill to make such marvelous piece of design. Such phone provides a wider and clearer picture than the other normal display Smartphone. A no of smartphone manufacturer already launched their bezel-less model into the market like Xiaomi Mix and Mi Mix 2 with the triple-bezel-less design was released and reaped success, many Chinese smartphone manufacturers are inspired, The thing, which bothered a person while purchasing this cool stuff is the price tag, However as the competition in this market is increasing, many companies are coming forward with their budget bezel-less smartphone, some of such well-known names are Vernee Mix 2 and Ulefone Mix recently Popular in market. we can find in this review of what difference between in both manufacture models.


Vernee Mix 2

Ulefone Mix

A Vernee Mix 2 Equipped 6-inch screen with FHD + resolution (2160 x 1080 pixels with 18: 9 aspect ratio) which, as you well know, occupies virtually the entire front of the terminal which is known as Fullscreen) making their six-inch screen occupy the same as a normal 5.5-inch smartphone. The Vernee Mix 2 is, of course, a very attractive phone with its elongated shape. Not surprisingly, this new model uses the 18: 9 aspect ratio, which is so fashionable for these types of terminals that aim to reduce the screen frames to a minimum. With the new 18: 9 ratio, the phone will be narrower and longer but, lacking almost side frames, will be smaller in size than a modern 5.5-inch model and As you can see, the Ulefone Mix has a very similar design to the Mi Mix design and from its launch got a good acceptance. This phone, in particular, has a screen ratio of 90.2% and houses a screen of 5.5 inches, so, in terms of numbers, we are in front of quite similar models. Like this rival, we have three bezel-less bodies and the front camera at the bottom, next to the fingerprint reader. Another element inspired by Mi Mix is “the golden ring”, gold coated look-alike that protect back dual cameras.


Vernee Mix 2

Ulefone Mix

Ulefone Mix is powered by an octa-core MediaTek MT6750T processor, 4GB of RAM and the Mali T860MP2 video accelerator. With this set up you make sure it will manage any modern game you want to play and for the next two year, it will also be enough. Is nice to see that manufacturers slowly are making 64Gb user memory space as the new standard. But, if your concern about getting out of space, don’t worry, there is in the device a MicroSD-card slot, for 100 percent relieving the user from problems with a lack of memory and Vernee Mix 2 is based on the Helio P25 processor. This chip contains eight 64-bit computing cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a frequency of up to 2.6 GHz, as well as a graphics controller Mali-T880. The built-in modem provides support for mobile networks of the fourth generation LTE Cat-6.with the RAM of 4GB and internal storage of 64GB. Although the latter can be extended thanks to a microSD with an unknown limit size.


Vernee Mix 2

Ulefone Mix

The Vernee phone equips a rear camera instead of two, a pair of 13 megapixels in which the first sensor is signed by Sony, an IMX258 with aperture f / 2.0 and normal angular, and in which the second has the focal length necessary to consider it telephoto. Dual camera, optical zoom, possible Portrait mode. Nothing new in this field.The front camera of the Vernee Mix 2 is 8 megapixels with f / 2.2 aperture. A not inconsiderable 4200 mAh battery which ensures an autonomy of at least a couple of days without too much trouble. In addition, it has of course with fast charge function, so it will be difficult to stay incommunicado for a long time and Ulefone Mix Equipped with High-qualitative photos are given by the rear and front Sony 13 + 5-megapixel photo modules. Thanks to this arrange of cameras the Mix gives you near DSRL experience when you take portrait photos, enjoy bokeh effect from those pictures taken from professional photographers. The autonomy of the gadget exceeds 7-8 hours of active screen time due to the use of a 3300 mAh battery and the economical Android Nougat. Also, a fast charging function technology is embedded.


According to our main comparison between Vernee Mix 2 vs Ulefone Mix, we can see both Vernee Mix 2 has more advantages in design, camera, battery life, and price. So do you know which one is the better one you should choose? you can buy Vernee Mix 2 From CooliCool at $178.99 and Ulefone Mix at $139.99 From China Warehouse and From EU warehouse at $169.99.


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  1. vernee mix2 (glass front and glass black)
    The front and the back are both glass. I’m worried. Very afraid that it will be easily broken. Though it has big screen, it’s little useful in practical use. I’d rather using my NOMU S10 Pro. It’s super drop-proof and water-proof. And it’s still stylish and good-looking.

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