Vico VR Brings 3D Motion Sensing and Full Body Tracking


Since VR became the top topic, most manufacturers are dedicated to improve its VR headset, especially positional tracking of mobile HMD. So far, John Carmack from Oculus has solved this kind of problem. The new company Vico has created a simple sensor  to provide full body tracking and 3D motion sensing. Right now, Vico VR sensor has been crowdfunded in the platform of IndieGoGo.

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Vico VR is a bluetooth device that can provide wireless tracking function for Android and IOS.  When it matches with mobile VR headset such as Gear VR or Google Cardboard, Vico VR is capable of bring HMD tracking and full body tracking.91_ungxkz_fevb4x
VicoVR can complete as a stand-alone 3D Gaming System or as an add-on Bluetooth Accessory for your existing VR Headsets and Gaming Platforms. Therefore, it can realize personal position and full body tracking with wireless 3D motion sensing.VicoVR function has a special 3D visual processing unit. This unit uses a tracking system outside to inside which can sense precisely 3D coordinates of 19 body joints. by sensor, then put these data wireless transmission to any Android or IOS headset in the minimum delay. This sensor can preinstall 10 experience, it will provide tracking function when delivery.


Now it starts to crowdfunding in Indiegogo to sell much cheaper than HTC Vive. It will be the first VR sensor to provide full body tracking. In the near future, we don’t worry about losing my way home or travel. VicoVR  enables positional tracking, 3D motion sensing and more as a stand-alone system. It makes our life more intelligent. This will be very hot and successful in solving this kind of problem for VR until now, a lot of other brands like HTC, Google, Sony, etc will take this way to solve the mobile tracking problem. Who would like to be the first one to experience. Will you join this crowdfunding?


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