Viltrox NF-E1 Auto Focus Lens Mount Adapter For Just $176.68 in Flash Sale at @TOMTOP


Viltrox has launched a new electronic autofocus Viltrox NF-E1 mount adapter that allows photographers to mount Nikon and Canon lenses to Sony E mount and Micro Four Thirds cameras. Viltrox NF-E1 mount adapter is designed to allow for Nikon F-mount series lens to be used for Sony camera with E-mount lens. By adapter mounting it can achieve functions of EXIF signal transmission, AF(auto focus) and adjustable aperture, etc.

The Viltrox NF-E1 allows users to fit Nikon F-mount lenses on to Sony E-mount cameras. The NF-E1 can also control the aperture, as well as transmit EXIF data, the company says. Viltrox NF-E1 adapters also feature a USB port to allow for firmware upgrades.

The new Viltrox adapter does not add anything new, it will be an option to take into account when you know the price that goes on sale since they are usually expensive accessories. Another system that is awakening a lot of interest in the market is the Micro Four Thirds, this adapter will allow us to use our Canon objectives if we decide to change the system.

It ensures their compatibility with Canon EF-S lenses. About this model, it is known that its optical scheme includes four elements in four groups. The adapter increases the relative aperture of the lens by one degree while reducing the focal length (multiplier 0.71x).

Viltrox NF-E1 Electronic Lens Mount Adapter is one adapter converting your Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera, and different with the traditional manual adapter, it’s versatile and completely electronic, which can achieve functions like: Exif Transmitting, AF, Aperture Control, VR stabilizer, etc. It makes both your lens and cameras more powerful and versatile after exchanging. We can Buy from TOMTOP at $176.68 in flash sale


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