Vinci X Mod Pod Review: A Newest Vape from VOOPOO


What’s significant about this entire Pod Mod development is that it places a line in the sand with respect to Pod Systems. You have the normal shut framework cases, which you can’t top off or change the curls. At that point others that are refillable – But what Smok and VooPoo have done, make an alternate sub-class and have marked it ‘Case Mod’. Vinci X Mod Pod is another best product from Voopoo which gives you perfect quality and awesome features.

Design and Display

VINCI X, exceptionally coordinated yet as little as an e-fluid jug, is not the same as those customary mods, which are huge to such an extent that it isn’t advantageous to take them out and appears to be too substantial when placed in pockets. 7 imaginative hues, for example, Scarlet, Ink and so forth. It comes with a 0.96” shading screen, what you find in each part of VINCI X is gorgeous. Outstandingly, you can check your vaping propensity through a puff bend, which will show your collective puffs in realtime on the screen and keep those records for about fourteen days.


The unit itself offers 2 wind current alternatives, basically by pivoting the case 180 degrees into the gadget. This permits a looser or more tightly drawn. Which will come I convenient for those searching for a progressively prohibitive vape on the 0.8ω loop? as far as I can tell are excellent, and the Vinci has a marginally better feel and fabricate quality to it. The mouthpiece on the Vinci is likewise progressively agreeable and the wind stream alternatives will suit more individuals.


It fueled By A Single 18650 Battery. It has Higher control, longer enduring. What’s more, turn off battery top makes your battery substitution progressively advantageous 70W Max Power. Vinci X With max 70W power yield. VINCI X empowers you to make greater mists. Flexible control goes 5-70W is to fulfill your needs. The unit just accompanies the one Pod, it has a 5.5ml limit and it is smoked, however not very dim so you can without much of a stretch see the degree of your e fluid. The TPD form obviously will be restricted to 2ml limit, however, it shows up as though it’s the very same size case.


Vinci X comes with super quality and many features. So make sure to take that into consideration when deciding which one to purchase. I have been happily vaping on both for many weeks now with little to no complaints. check the more detail about Vinci X at Voopoo officials 


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