VIOFO WR1 Car Dash 1080p Camera Built-in WiFi Design, Features Review (Coupon Included)


VIOFO WR1 dash cam is ideal as a front, rear or twin dash cam set up. VIOFO has done a great job again of bringing a great value for money option to users with the new WR1.


The new VIOFO WR1 dash cam combines a new unique and discreet design with a Sony image sensor and wi-fi to provide a great option for either front or rear dash cam. Removing the screen and adding wi-fi allows customers to access a solid mid-range camera at a lower price point and gives them more flexibility. It has a minimalist design with just one physical button.


The VIOFO WR1 is the latest compact dash cam from VIOFO offering a Sony CMOS sensor and great 1080P video quality at a low price point. The WR1 uses WiFi technology to eliminate the need for an LCD screen to keep the camera’s size down. It comes with both a suction cup and adhesive mount to work in any vehicle. We recommend using the adhesive mount to keep the unit’s height down, further complementing its already small size. With its matte black design, the WR1 is truly one of the most discreet 1 channel dash cams on the market. The WR1 is a capacitor-based dash cam and like other VIOFO products, it will work well even in higher heat environments. The WiFi feature offers added convenience and user-friendliness by letting the user access the settings and videos through their smartphone using the FN Cam app. Those looking for even better video quality should consider the VIOFO A119 and A119S which have higher end video components but no WiFi feature. With the inclusion Wi-FI, the WR1 now makes an ideal rear facing camera addition to users that already have a single front facing dash cam. With the VIOFO WR1, you can now use the phone app to access your camera and change settings without the need of climbing into the back of the car to get to the camera so you can access menu functions, memory card or change settings.


The WR1 is Viofo’s new screenless dash camera. The WR1 has a Novatek chip and Sony IMX323 image sensor for better low light performance. View and transfer your files via the built-in Wi-Fi and App. All settings are easily configured right from your phone. Eight now you can Buy From Zapals at $84.99 if you using our coupon code: VIWR0715


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