Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 Smart AI Robot in $305.99 (270,09€) @Banggood Flash Sale


The Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner  is a savvy gadget for home cleaning, equipped for cleaning successfully all alone. It utilizes a LDS laser sensor that investigates the region to be cleaned, produces exact guides of the house, and finds deterrents, guaranteeing a profoundly proficient scope.

Viomi V3

You will actually want to actually look at this guide progressively from your cell phone. Pick a specific region you are keen on cleaning, click on the APP guide and Viomi V3 will clean the chose region. It’s prepared to help you. You can likewise choose regions that don’t should be cleaned. Everything is dependent upon you. You will not need to stress over cleaning while getting visitors. The Viomi Vacuum V3 will take off from your home squeaky clean. Because of its NIDEC engine (brushless), this robot vacuum highlights 2600 PA pull power, an incredible attractions ability to get a wide range of particles. Be that as it may, all together not to squander battery power, it has four degrees of pull, from 600 Pa to 2600 Pa, so it tends to be adjusted to various cleaning needs.

Viomi V3

Here is the greatest new component of the Viomi V3: it likewise cleans. Indeed, that is valid. Notwithstanding a 550 ml dust tank, it additionally incorporates a 550 ml electric water tank*. Its electric capacity guarantees the control of the speed of the water yield; making it uniform and the floor is impeccably scoured. What’s more, you will have three degrees of water to change in accordance with what you want. The Xiaomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner additionally includes a 4900 mAh battery, an enormous limit that provides us with an independence of around 150 minutes* on a solitary charge. This makes the Viomi V3 ideal for homes with many square meters (250 – 300 m2) and various rooms.

Viomi V3Viomi V3

Something else that makes the Viomi V3 a savvy vacuum cleaner im s its auto-re-energize and continue work. Thusly, when your Viomi Robot vacuum cleaner completes its cleaning undertakings or its battery level is low; it will naturally get back to its charging dock. In the event that the cleaning plan isn’t done, the Viomi V3 recalls where it left off to return there and proceed with its work subsequent to charging. Because of its different sensors; the Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V3 will play out an absolutely protected cleaning for itself as well as your furnishings. For instance, utilizing a level sensor, the Viomi V3 identifies stages and forestalls falls. With the LDS sensor and the counter crash board, it recognizes obstructions and maintains a strategic distance from them. What’s more, considerably more! In any case, little advances or unevennesses are not an issue either, as they can without much of a stretch trip snags up to 20 mm high. Also, You can easily buy this from Banggood at $305.99 (270,09€). To get the price use the Code: BGCZFV3

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