Virtoba X6 3D VR Headset Design, Hardware, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


The Virtoba X6 headset is make to take google cardboard VR to next gen,the VR is meant to work with smartphone 4.7 to 6.0 inches in size, it looks like a Google VR headset which can not only used a VR, but also a useful headphone. This 2-in-1 VR headset will become the tendency of VR line, check this Virtoba X6 first.



The virtoba x6 is design with ABS material with a hardened ring shape,instead of a plain strap around the main body of the VR with attached headphone,,120 degrees of viewing angle,On the bottom Right side of the headset there is a small volume wheel enabling you to adjust volume without having to remove the smartphone from the headset.


The Virtoba X6 headset has 42mm diameter lenses,The lenses are adjustable ,You can adjust both how far apart the lenses are the interpupillary distance and how far the lenses are from the smartphone screen, or the focal distance,there is also a button allowing you to select things on the headset.



the VR Support Daydream smartphone(Pixel/Pixel XL/Huawei mate9 porshce version/ASUS Zenfone AR/ZTE AXON 7 etc, virtoba has QR code scan,for the best experience u can download the app Google Cardboard from ur mobile app store. From there you can get access to a ton of VR content ranging from games to movie players to space explorers .


If you want virtual reality and you’re on a budget then get these Virtoba X6 3D VR Headset only for $29.99 with coupon code: VIRTOBAX6


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