VISUO XS809HW Fly More Combo with 3 * Battery RC Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


VISUO XS809HW RC Quadcopter Fly More Combo is an upgraded version of the XS809W. Visuo XS809HW is a folding quadcopter equipped with 2.0 Megapixel camera and countless fun features, such as High Height Mode, Headless Mode and Auto Return to Home.


The drone features an ingenious folding structure. The appearance looks a lot like the popular DJI Mavic Pro drone. Like the Mavic Pro, the XS809HW is small in size in folded-up mode. Visuo XS809HW has a sleek foldable frame in a robust construction so the drone folds up to a small size. The sleek design combined with the black color gives the drone a tough look. Despite its small dimensions and a weight of only 158 grams, the drone is full with advanced technology. Thanks to the 6-axis gyro, a stable flight for beginners is a cold art. The XS809HW drone is equipped with 4 arms, each with a powerful engine. The engines respond quickly to each command. The end of each engine is obviously decorated with a 2-blade design propeller. The propellers are designed to maximize the flight time relative to the battery power of the engines. The 4 bright LED lights not only ensure that the drone is always clearly visible but also creates a beautiful visual experience.

The Visuo XS809HW has dimensions of 32.5 * 32.5 * 6cm with arms out and 18 * 13 * 6cm with folded arms and a weight of 118.4 grams. A drone that you can comfortably transport in a small backpack.


The Visuo XS809HW features 3 different flight speeds. The drone also has an airplane mode for acrobatic stunts. A 360-degree turn is no problem for this Acrobat! The XS809HW can even perform a 360-degree flip in all 4 directions. Through High Hold Mode, the drone keeps a fixed height that allows for easy control and extra stable shooting. The drone also has an automatic Return-to-Home function. With one push of the button, the drone returns to the driver. The drone determines the return position based on the current location of the remote controller. The XS809HW also features a so-called ‘Headless Mode’. Thanks to this special flying mode, control is extra easy. You do not need to take into account the front or rear of the drone because in Headless Mode the drone determines his flight direction based on the driver’s position. Easily make a picture or video recordings with this drone from the sky. The drone is equipped with a camera with 120-degree wide-angle lens. The camera captures 2.0 Megapixels and records video in 720p HD. The microSD slot lets you save recorded camera images to a MicroSD memory card.

The XS809HW comes with a rechargeable 900mAh and 3.7V LiPo battery. Under the right light conditions, you will fly with a full battery for about 7 to 10 minutes. We always recommend buying an extra battery for your drone. By changing your battery on location, you simply simplify your flying pleasure. With the supplied battery charger, the drone’s fly battery can be charged via any USB connection. Always take care when charging the battery. This is not only good for battery life but also extra safe. Never leave a battery charger unattended. The drone comes with 2.4Ghz Remote Controller, which is the remote control that allows you to operate the drone. Through the 2.4Ghz frequency, the transmitter – Remote Controller – passes the instructions to the receiver on the drone. The range of the remote control is approximately 80 – 100 meters. The Remote Controller can be equipped with smartphone/tablet mount so you can lock your smartphone/tablet on your remote controller. With your mobile device, you can look at the flight in First Person View (FPV).


VISUO XS809HW RC Quadcopter Fly More Combo is a super functional RC quadcopter with outstanding appearance and foldable design. It’s equipped with a 2.0MP HD camera with WIFI FPV transmission which provides superb real-time FPV experience, and you can remote control the drone with both transmitter and phone app. Thanks to its user-friendly operation and competitive price, this drone is very suitable for beginners. You can Buy from Tomtop with using $10 off coupon: HTY10TBVS and 220 points to enjoy the price.

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount Note
10.20 12.31 VISUO XS809HW 0.3MP $ 45.99 HTYV4 500

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