VISUO ZEN K1 Review: 5G WIFI FPV GPS Brushless 4K Drone With Dual Camera For Just $149.99 at TOMTOP


VISUO ZEN K1 is exactly a fantastic FPV drone for RC fans. With the super HD 4K dual camera, you will get extraordinary photos and videos shot from the sky. Moreover, when you connect the Wi-Fi signal from the plane with the mobile phone, it is possible to carry out interesting functions such as GPS, image targeting, gestural photography, and GPS positioning. This is really a very strong functional aircraft that you need.

Buy VISUO ZEN K1 5G WiFi RC Drone from TOMTOP


VISUO ZEN K1 5G WiFi RC Drone is completely portable, very easy to transport, thanks to its system of folding arms that allow you to carry it in a backpack without problems. Gone are the larger and bulkier drones, now what it takes are these drones much more manageable so you can put them in a suitcase and take them out on your next trip or adventure. The VISUO ZEN K1 5G WiFi RC Drone itself weighs About 500g (With battery) with dimensions of Folded size: 17×10.5x7cm and Unfolded size: 36.5×36.5x7cm. Built-in Dual-lens 4K Wide-angle HD Front camera and 720P HD Bottom Camera, Dual camera can be switched 4 screens (normal front lens, lower lens, picture-in-picture, and split-screen). Brushless Motor Braking System: Each motor is managed individually by the Electronic Speed Controllers. And the innovative auto-braking system is mounted on the ESC. Can protect the motors and safety of flight.


VISUO ZEN K1 5G WiFi RC Drone Connect with the 5G WiFi, can take comprehensive control of the flight, can take pictures and real-time video watch. FPV Image Enlargement: During the front camera FPV transmission, the transmission picture can be enlarged, and the picture can be moved to view different scenes. The 11.1V 2500mAh high capacity battery can support a longer flying time, giving you a more extensive flight experience! Under GPS mode, when the aircraft receives the signal from satellites, it will position where it is. It captures image data with the drone’s bottom camera, then uses the optical flow to improve the smoothness of the control. The aircraft will automatically follow you and capture your every move from a unique aerial perspective. Foldable Drone: Designed to be portable, the quadcopter features a foldable arm design, allowing for carrying anywhere on the go without hassle. The new indoor altitude hold feature enables the drone to fly steadily and smoothly in the indoor environment.


Buy VISUO ZEN K1 5G WiFi RC Drone from TOMTOP

VISUO ZEN K1 5G WiFi RC Drone camera captures memorable moments. See the world through the eyes of a bird on your phone. It allows the RC quadcopter to suspend in mid-air even with your hands off the joystick, for hands-free hovering. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $149.99 with Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping


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