Vivo APEX FullView Concept Phone Hands-On With Periscope Camera and 98% Screen To Body Ratio


After launching the X20 Plus smartphone with a unique fingerprint scanner on the screen, Vivo is now looking to make a splash on the market with a new design that will surely catch some eyes. Yes, the company has officially mocked a phone with a full-screen concept called APEX.

Today, at MWC 2018, the authentic news site had the opportunity to be on the Vivo APEX. This is one of the smartphones that are in the “concept” phase of Vivo, with almost no bezel design and the front camera has the ability to “pop up”.

Vivo Apex is a concept smartphone with a 6 “OLED FullView Display screen that covers 98% of the front of the device. This makes it the device with the largest screen surface ever produced. Previously the Vivo Apex design was cut off with ura-ura saying it would be launched as V30. The upper and sides bezel is only 1.8mm thick while the bottom bezel is 4.3 mm thick.

The front camera will be out of the frame like a submarine periscope. On the Apex camera of 8MP used is kept neatly on the top of the device frame when not in use.

Another interesting thing with Apex is that half-screen can be used to scan fingerprints using Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology. At Vivo X20Plus UD launched last month, only a small part of the screen can be used to scan. With this latest technology, it simplifies the process of unlocking on all-screen devices.

In addition, the mobile also has a double fingerprint recognition unlock mode, placed both fingers at the same time in order to unlock the privacy of device.

As for the dynamics, then there a technology of vibrations. That is when the sound is transmitted directly to the ear by vibration. He is heard only by the owner of the device and no one else. This technology was introduced a few years ago.

Rumors about the characteristics are still ambiguous: insiders talk about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 10GB of RAM, 512GB of storage and the dual rear camera may be supported a fourfold zoom without losing quality, but the specification of the camera is remain unclear.

This is an unexpectedly interesting concept from Vivo. Even the Vivo APEX‘s all-screen framing design is thinner than the Vivo phone used by Tony Stark in the Captain America Civil War movie. As always when it comes to real-time devices, this technology may be used on OnePlus and Oppo devices.

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