Vivo Concept Phone: 100% Full Screen, Snapdragon 855, Rear 48MP, Vivo and 5G Strike


Nowadays, the most indispensable tool in people’s daily life is the mobile phone. Especially for many young consumers, if they don’t play mobile phones for a day, they are uncomfortable. I believe many consumers are deeply aware of this. Among these mobile phone brands, each consumer’s favorite mobile phone brands are different. Some like iPhones, some like Samsung phones, or Huawei phones, but many young consumers, the most favorite are vivo phones and OPPO phones. These two mobile phone brands can be said to be everywhere at present. Their exquisite design is the favorite of young consumers. Recently, some media have exposed a Vivo Concept Phone, and vivo joins 5G!  It can be seen from the rendering of the exposure, the screen design of this Vivo Concept Phone breaks the monotonous design, not in the water drop screen design, Design design, the screen of the machine adopts the comprehensive screen design, and the screen also adopts The latest COP packaging technology has reached a very narrow bezel, the screen has reached 100% full-screen design, the screen ratio is up to 98.2%, equipped with OLED flexible display, resolution: 3840 * 2160 pixels, screen pixel density is 560ppi The aspect ratio of the screen reaches a ratio of 19.5:9, the color value is 1700W, and the screen material is the sixth generation glass of Corning Gorilla, which is of high quality.

It can be seen from the rendering of the exposure. The Vivo Concept Phone of this vivo concept has no openings and no components, mainly because the machine adopts a pop-up design method to hide the components such as the front camera. The front camera is a front-mounted dual camera with a dual-color temperature flash. It is rare to have a flash-equipped mobile phone with a front camera function because it means taking a beautiful photo in a dark environment. The front camera has a pixel count of up to 25MP + 12MP. It uses F/1.5+F/2.6 aperture, equipped with AI beauty technology and HDR shooting technology, which can greatly enhance the imaging effect.

It can be seen from the rendering of the exposure. The rear camera function of this new Vivo Concept Phone adopts the rear three-shot design and is equipped with an LED flash. The main camera is equipped with the camera sensor of the Sony IMX586. Up to 48MP, using: F / 1.2 intelligent aperture, the remaining two cameras have pixels: 20MP + 12 Megapixels, using: F / 1.8 + F / 2.8 aperture, respectively, depth of field lens and super wide-angle lens, support The ultra wide-angle shooting function and the ten-fold hybrid optical zoom shooting function are equipped with PDAF phase focusing technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology, and handheld shooting can also take beautiful and beautiful photos.

Speaking of the unlock function of the Vivo Concept Phone you have to mention the contribution of the vivo mobile phone in the unlocking function. Many well-known, currently the full screen era, and the best partner of the full screen is the screen fingerprint recognition technology, after all, impossible Full-screen design, and the removal of fingerprint recognition technology, many consumers are now very fond of fingerprint recognition technology, and at that time many mobile phone brands are reluctant to try screen fingerprint recognition technology, only vivo mobile phone dare to try, and continuous research and development, screen fingerprint recognition Technology can be mature and commercialized very quickly this year, and this new vivo concept machine is equipped with the sixth generation of screen fingerprint recognition technology and 3D structured light recognition technology, supporting face recognition unlock function and fingerprint recognition unlock function, two They are all the top technology at present.

This Vivo Concept Phone battery life is also very good, the machine built a 4500 mAh battery, support 45W super fast charge function, and 32W wireless flash charge function, compared to the mobile phone released some time ago iQOO and vivo X27’s battery life function is only weak, in addition, this Vivo Concept Phone supports IP67 level waterproof and dustproof technology. As we all know, the highest level of waterproof and dustproof is IP68 level, this vivo new Because the machine is a lifting design, it can not reach the IP68 level. The body material of the machine is the sixth generation glass of Corning Gorilla, which retains the 3.5mm headphone hole design.

Vivo and 5G come together, then naturally this new concept of vivo is a 5G mobile phone, and as a 5G mobile phone, it is naturally high-profile, performance configuration is definitely very powerful, this vivo concept new machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, this processor is currently the most deserved flagship processor, using 7 nanometer process technology, eight core architecture design, running up to 320,000, the machine built Snapdragon X55 5G baseband, support 5G network The operating system of this new vivo concept starts at 6GB and supports up to 12GB of running memory. The machine starts with 128GB and supports up to 512GB of storage.

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The biggest advantage of the Vivo Concept Phone is that it looks good. In my opinion, the current value of the vivo mobile phone on the market is extremely high, and the value of this new vivo model is better than blue. Blue, it is more beautiful, and it is even better in hardware. Whether it is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor or rear 48MP cameras, it is the top of the industry. I don’t know if you think so.

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