Vivo iQOO 5 Review: Most Budget Flagship Phone of 2020


The iQOO 5 series of mobile phones were officially released, including iQOO 5 and iQOO 5 Pro. The latter not only has a 120Hz high-brush curved screen but also launched Vivo’s 120W FlashCharge ultra-fast flash charging technology. It can be said that the iQOO brand is a masterpiece of the 18 months since its birth. The normal version of the iQOO 5 mobile phone is also a powerful flagship mobile phone. In addition to the performance iron triangle, it also brings a hardware configuration such as Samsung’s 120Hz super-visual flexible screen, which makes up for the lack of high-level brushes of the predecessor iQOO 3 Regret of the screen, of course, the new experience brought by the Vivo iQOO 5 series phones is far more than that. And now we bring you the experience of getting started with this product.

iQOO 5 Design & Appearance   

As the successor of iQOO 3, the appearance design of iQOO 5 has undergone major changes. Compared with the sense of power and speed emphasized by iQOO 3, iQOO 5 has more “order” in design, especially in detail. , IQOO 5 series is more refined and high-end. iQOO 5 has two color schemes: Blue & Black. This color scheme is more low-key, the look and feel are closer to deep space gray, and it exudes a metal-specific texture.

iQOO 5 also uses AG frosted glass on the back of the phone, which feels very delicate and smooth, and is less likely to be stained with fingerprints and sweat. At the same time, the overall color matching of Haoying also uses a gradient color design that is not particularly obvious, from top to bottom, the color of the fuselage is from dark to light, the color of the upper half is deeper, and the color of the lower half of the fuselage is closer to silver gray. The overall look is atmospheric, calm, and low-key.

In order to achieve visual unity, the middle frame of the iQOO 5 body also uses a similar gradient color design. The top middle frame is close to light pink, and the bottom middle frame is silver gray. The iQOO Logo on the back of the fuselage adopts a bright design and is on a uniform level with the camera on the back.

The rear camera design is similar to the vivo X50. Although it does not use a cloud-level design, if you look closely, you will find that the rear camera shape of the iQOO 5 adopts a progressive design. The bottom of the camera is wrapped by a protective ring, and the main camera is higher than the camera. The module plane thus forms a gradual camera from high to low and from small to large, just like the moment when a water droplet spreads.

In terms of detailed design, the power button of iQOO 5 uses texture and color contrast design. The power button is surrounded by CNC highlight chamfering and sprayed with a layer of orange to make the power button more conspicuous. Above the power button is the volume button. The middle frame position where they are located is processed with a slower groove. These details are designed very carefully and ingeniously, and the high-end design sense of the whole machine also emerges spontaneously.

On the front, iQOO 5 uses a 6.56-inch, 1080P resolution AMOLED full-scale screen. This screen has a great background. It is not only a Samsung flexible screen but also a diamond pixel arrangement, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and 240Hz touch sampling. The user’s swipe operation, touch operation in-game scenes, etc. are smoother and faster to respond to hands.

In addition, the iQOO 5 display also supports HDR10+ standard certification, supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, screen contrast of 6000000:1, screen brightness of 500nit, and local brightness of up to 1300nit. This screen has also passed the SGS screen certification, which can reduce the harmful blue light of the screen to less than 7.5% and reduce the power consumption of the screen. There is a small detail, iQOO 5’s front-screen camera punch has been transferred from the right side of iQOO 3 to the left side of the screen.

The body size of Vivo iQOO 5 is 160.4*75.6*8.32mm, and the weight is about 197g, which is not light, but as an all-around 5G flagship mobile phone, it can control the weight to a handful of less than 200g, and iQOO 5 is fully configured Under the premise of the upgrade, it is much lighter than iQOO 3. At the same time, iQOO 5 has a large 4500 mAh battery inserted into the fuselage, and the Z-axis linear motor is retained, so the weight control of 197g is already very good.

In terms of audio-visual, the Vivo iQOO 5 series is equipped with 2 professionally customized ultra-linear large-amplitude 1210-core internal magnetic speaker units to bring excellent surround sound effects. More importantly, the iQOO 5 series inherits the fine tradition of an independent Hi-Fi chip. The body has built-in CS43131 independent Hi-Fi chip, supports Hi-Res audio certification, and passes 3.5mm adapter cable/Type-C headphone output high fidelity For audio, compared with the previous generation iQOO 3’s AK4377A chip, the CS43131 signal-to-noise ratio SNR is approximately doubled, the state range DNR is approximately doubled, stereo dual speakers + Super Audio sound effects, iQOO 5 brings super shocking audio-visual effects to players enjoy.

iQOO 5 Hardware & Performance

The configuration has always been the strength of iQOO mobile phones. Vivo iQOO 5 continues the performance iron triangle combination of Snapdragon 865, Samsung LPDDR5 storage and UFS3.1 ultra-fast flash memory, and provides a maximum storage specification of 12GB.

Everyone is already familiar with the Snapdragon 865. It uses TSMC’s 7nm process technology. It has a Kryo 585 Prime ultra-large core customized based on A77. The main frequency reaches 2.84Ghz. There are 3 large Kryo 585 Gold cores with A77 architecture. 2.42Ghz, there are 4 small Kryo 585 Silver cores of A55 architecture, 1.8Ghz. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 855 processor, CPU performance has increased by 25% and power consumption has been reduced by 25%. In terms of GPU, the new Adreno 650 graphics processor also has a 25% performance improvement over the previous generation Adreno 650, and power consumption is reduced by 35%.

Let’s take a look at the performance of iQOO 5’s running score.

As shown in the figure above, through GeekBench4 running points, iQOO 5 single-core reached 4289 points, multi-core reached 13531 points; through GeekBench5 running points, iQOO 5 single-core reached 920 points, multi-core reached 3272 points; In the Antutu (V8.4.3) test, iQOO 5 scored 629,510 points, surpassing 99% of users.

According to official data, UFS 3.1 under normal circumstances, sequential read reaches 1800MB/s, and sequential write reaches 700MB/s. For comparison, UFS3.0 is 1500MB/s and 500MB/s respectively. The sequential read speed of iQOO 5 will reach 1727MB/s, the sequential write speed will reach 759MB/s, the random read speed will reach 277MB/s, and the random write speed will reach 233MB/s, iQOO 5 In the face of downloading, copying, installation, switching large applications, file transfer, and other operations, the response is faster and the processing efficiency is higher.

From the frame rate curve, it is not difficult to see that the image quality of these two files is close to full-frame, and It cannot perceive frame rate fluctuations in the actual game experience. This performance can basically represent the highest level of the current Android camp.

In terms of charging, iQOO 5 has been upgraded to 55W super flash charging, and it only takes about 55 minutes to fully charge. The charging of iQOO 5 Pro reached 120W. According to the actual measurement conducted by The power of iQOO 5 Pro can be charged from 0 to 55% in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. At 14 minutes and 32 seconds, the phone has a pop-up “charging completed” “The speed is amazing. This is also the fastest mobile phone charging speed I have experienced so far.

iQOO 5 Cameras

Compared with iQOO 3, iQOO 5’s camera has also been greatly improved, including a 50-megapixel super-outsole main camera, a 13-megapixel super wide-angle, and a 13-megapixel image (2X telephoto). Don’t look at only three lenses, but each is powerful Among them, the main camera of iQOO 5 is the same GN1 of the X50 super cup, the sensor size reaches 1/1.3 inches, has a higher light performance, and also supports full-pixel four-in-one dual-core focusing. Everyone is very familiar with the 13MP image lens. This lens uses the most classic 50mm focal length and is excellent for shooting portraits.

With a 1/1.3-inch main camera with a large aperture of f/1.8, iQOO 5 is remarkable in terms of color, brightness, white balance, and other aspects of the picture during the day, especially the color consistency of the super wide-angle and main camera samples. High, there is almost no problem with color changes caused by switching between different lenses.

The night scene performance of iQOO 5 has been greatly upgraded. With the support of the “Super Night Scene 4.0” technology, night shooting has become a bonus item for the iQOO 5 series of mobile phones. In the night environment, the first impression of the iQOO 5 proofs is that they are transparent and clean, the sky has no noise, and the branches and leaves in the proofs can withstand magnification.

Vivo iQOO 5 is also very good in color reproduction. For example, the LED strips of different colors in the picture below are almost visible to the naked eye. At the same time, iQOO 5 handles both light and dark very well, the light strip is not obviously overexposed but also retains the color, the overall look is very comfortable, very pleasing to the eye.

Of course, this is also inseparable from the color adjustment of the iQOO camera. In terms of color, iQOO 5 still ” makes colors more vivid on the basis of reality “, such as the sample below, when I took the photo, I rotated the yellow, blue and white of the little bee. The ceiling did not attract the author’s attention, but after the shooting, you can clearly feel that the colors of the ceiling are very bright and rich, and it looks more layered.

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The Vivo iQOO 5 series is a transformation of the iQOO brand. In the past, iQOO was obsessed with “extreme performance”, which may have led to some deviations. However, through the iQOO 5 series, you can clearly feel that iQOO has started a more balanced development and has inherited In addition to the two main tracks of “extreme performance” and “e-sports”, the iQOO 5 series has more differences.

Vivo iQOO 5 has both excellent high-value design and good camera performance, which guarantees continuous performance The release of the large battery has also achieved a better feel and weight. It can even be said that the iQOO 5 series is a product with the most flagship configuration and the most experience since the birth of the iQOO brand.


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