Vivo Nex 2: Screen Camera, Full Screen Fingerprint


Through a series of technologies such as full-screen fingerprint technology, dual-sensing hidden buttons, zero-hole speakers and advanced technology, Vivo have created a new mobile phone form of “Super Unibody”. The emergence of nex2 has almost refreshed the definition of the industry. Its most shocking point is the natural integration of simplicity and simplicity.

First of all, the screen fingerprint is unlocked. Vivo brought the vivo X20Plus screen fingerprint version at the beginning of last year, which opened up a new era of screen fingerprints, hiding fingerprint recognition inside the screen, not only strengthening the integrity of the whole machine, but also retaining the front fingerprint experience. In the evolution towards true integration, the screen fingerprint technology has been continuously upgraded and upgraded, using a fingerprint recognition sensor covering almost the entire screen, which can be freely unlocked by pressing a finger anywhere on the screen, completely realizing the ultimate from the point and half screen to full-screen unlocking. Evolution, finally achieved perfect transformation in nex 2.

Vivo NEX 2 is almost full screen, very close to 100% screen. There are two schemes for the rear three-shot arrangement, and there are two schemes similar to the Huawei P20 Pro. Proactive use of the camera solution under the screen, adding 3D face recognition unlock the module.

Vivo nex2 is the world’s first mass-produced “true integration” 5G mobile phone. It not only realizes the complete 5G function but also proposes a breakthrough solution for the 5G mobile phone cooling and internal structure design of the fuselage. The coming 5G era has been more fully prepared. It can be said that the emergence of vivo nex2 not only allows the Chinese to refresh their inherent perception of “Made in China”, but it also shows the world a new face of “Made in China”.

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Vivo Nex 2 will be released between September and October, priced at 5999 yuan ($871.85)! Let us look forward to letting go of ourselves, the arrival of the black technology’s vivo nex2! You can wait in advance to gain weight on your wallet!

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