Vivo Nex 3 Review: 64 Megapixels Cameras, Waterfall Display


At present, domestic manufacturers vivo and Huawei have announced their own waterfall screen models, of which vivo was first released, this technology was applied to the NEX series, named Vivo Nex 3, starting at 4998 yuan (4G version), becoming the world’s first Listed waterfall screen mobile phone.

Because 5G is at the time, NEX 3 also supports 5G network, starting at 5698 yuan, in view of the main difference between the two is that the support network is different, the other is basically the same, so the following is collectively referred to as vivo NEX 3.

The biggest highlight of the aircraft is the waterfall screen. The official said that only this screen has more than 200 million R&D investment, and vivo innovatively removes the physical power button and volume button and uses the hidden pressure button. The back is used. The circular three-shot layout is equipped with the current flagship standard, such as the Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, UFS 3.0 flash memory, rear 64-megapixel main camera, 44W wired fast charge and so on.

Design & Appearance

Vivo NEX 3 provides two colors of deep-air streamer and liquid Tianhe. In our hands, this is a liquid Tianhe.
Mobile phone packaging, the middle corresponds to the NEX 3 back circular layout.

Indeed, the first reaction of most people lighting up the vivo NEX 3 screen is amazing, just like a screen wrapped around the phone, making the vision has a very high impact, the design of the waterfall screen also allows the NEX 3’s screen ratio to reach 99.6%, although the chin still exists, the screen extending on both sides basically neglects the existence of the chin, giving the illusion of holding a piece of glass, the official called the “unbounded waterfall screen.”

In terms of parameters, the NEX 3 uses a 6.89-inch E3 Super AMOLED curved screen. Compared with the E2 AMOLED screen, energy consumption is reduced by 7%. It supports 100% P3 wide color gamut, sRGB and HDR 10 standards. The display brightness can be up to 800 nits. Up to 1.9nit, and passed the German Rhine Eye certification, reducing 42% of the blue light hazard, supporting DC dimming, official data said that this screen research and development investment more than 200 million. But this screen still has regrets, that is, the resolution is 2256×1080. It is a pity that there is no 2K. It seems that the battery life and resolution, NEX 3 chose the former.

In addition, NEX 3 comes with a specially customized factory film and uses the high-end Celluloid Up cover to jointly develop with a 135-year-old international giant focusing on glass research and production. Officials say that the NEX 3’s resistance is the highest level of surface products in the past.

In order to ensure the integrity of the phone, vivo will cancel all the physical buttons on the side of the phone (power button and volume button), and use the hidden pressure button to provide independent power system, even in the shutdown state can be used normally.

According to the official introduction, NEX 3’s hidden pressure-sensitive button has seven sensors to form a pressure sensor array, with pressure algorithm model and X-axis motor, to support micro-scale accurate recognition, while vibration feedback is crisp and neat.

The layout of the rear circular lens seems to be the trend of this year’s mobile phone. Not only does the NEX 3 adopt this layout, but Huawei, Jiajia and other new phones all adopt a rear circular layout. The back lens of the NEX 3 has a triangular opposite shape with a 64M logo in the middle and a flash below.

Simply speaking, the NEX 3 is in the hand and the body is completely unsplit. This is because the extension of the waterfall screen makes the front and back of the phone almost without side borders. The grip is very round in the hand, but it is also because This design makes the weight of the phone reach 217.3g, and the body is slightly heavier.

Hardware & Performance

In the core configuration, the vivo NEX 3 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, equipped with UFS 3.0 flash memory, supplemented by Turbo Write and HPB technology. The official data says that the continuous read speed is up to 1.4GB/s, and the continuous write speed is also increased by 110%. At the same time, it has Multi-Turbo 2.0 multi-acceleration technology, with ART++ compile acceleration engine, the interface switching speed is increased by 25%, the application cold start speed is increased by 45%, and the game touch response speed is increased by 20%.

On the network side, there are features such as Net Turbo network acceleration, SLA smart network acceleration, 5G/Wi-Fi intelligent network switching, and dual Wi-Fi. In addition, NEX 3 built-in zero-sensitivity hot plate, the official said that the main chip junction temperature can be reduced by more than 10 degrees under the same high power consumption.

1, Antutu Running Points

After the actual test, vivo NEX 3 Ann Bunny runs into 493787

2, The curved screen error solution

For the curved screen, most users care about the wrong touch, and the waterfall screen with larger curvature solves the misunderstanding. It is the most important thing. The official said that the NEX 3 adopts the scene adaptive dynamic anti-missing scheme, through the user’s horizontal Different scenes such as grip, vertical grip, game, video, etc. are dynamically adjusted to prevent mis-touch areas, which are officially referred to as edge anti-missing 4.0.

After the actual experience, the rabbit found that this algorithm is really useful. For example, when the finger directly touches the curved screen on the side, there will be a situation similar to the screen lock, basically no feedback (only very few), and straight from When the screen slides to the curved area on one side, it will get sensitive feedback.

There is also a situation where when the NEX 3 is mastered, the palm covers a large area of ​​the curved-screen area at this time. This situation also occurs at this time. Only when transitioning from a straight screen to a curved screen, will the corresponding Feedback.

The specific principle of this algorithm is still unclear, but the rabbits actually use it for a few days and find that there are definitely some false touches, but there are very few. In addition, due to the design of the waterfall screen, it is impossible to hold the body with one hand.

3, Daily and experience

In the past few days of using NEX 3, rabbits used to play games, watch videos, etc., and when they usually hold mobile phones, they can’t help but sigh again. The design of NEX 3 is really beautiful, and it is very eye-catching in the hands.

After these few days of use, the user can really perceive the NEX algorithm, especially during the game, the side screen is well controlled, even if it is a complicated game action, it can quickly give feedback, almost The traditional screen phone experience is the same.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, that is, when viewing the full-screen video, if you want to return to the desktop, it will be more difficult to trigger the side feedback, only reduce the picture window, and then return to the desktop, which is expected to be optimized by the engineer.

It is undeniable that the waterfall screen is really beautiful, but for users who are used to the traditional screen, it may take a while to learn to adapt to this form.

In addition, as we said before, NEX 3 cancels the physical button and uses the hidden pressure button. Although there is basically no problem in daily use when the screen lock and volume button combination screen is required, the blind touch has no physical keys, but the system supports the three-finger slide screen, which is what the benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom.

4, 5G experience

Vivo NEX 3 5G adopts NSA networking, which can realize dual-card dual standby in 5G+4G mode. The official weighing is invested in creating a dedicated OTA laboratory. What is the situation? The following are the 5G network speeds tested in different areas.

Because of the different 5G areas, the rate of the two tests is somewhat different, but it is basically stable. The measured downlink rate is up to 440Mbps, and the uplink rate is relatively unstable, only nearly 5Mbps. This is because the rabbits are tested in urban areas. As a comparison, another domestic 5G mobile phone in our hands does not search for 5G signals, so the performance of NEX 3 is already quite good. It seems that the heavy investment of vivo is quite effective.


Vivo NEX 3 rear equipped with three cameras, the parameters are 64MP main (1/1.7 inch sensor) +13MP super wide-angle + 13MP telephoto, the main camera is Samsung GW1 64 million pixel sensor, three cameras with support down 2.5 Cm super macro, 2x optical zoom, 20x digital zoom, with support for Super Night View 2.0 (continuous shooting 12-16 synthetic noise reduction), AI hairline portrait segmentation, 4K 60 frame recording, Hyper-HDR backlight scene Wait.

It can be seen from the proofs that the photo of the vivo NEX 3 belongs to the flagship level. In the case of the big backlight, the photos can be clearly shot. After all, the main focus of the vivo is the backlight, and the 64 million pixels give more abundant. The details of the picture can be said to be superb.

The weather in Zhengzhou is not very good these days, so the night proofs are cloudy.

Super night scene is not turned on

Maybe the reason for the AI ​​algorithm, NEX 3 night photo can not open the super night scene is almost the same, but this does not mean that the aircraft night performance is not good, and the daytime performance, the aircraft is also the flagship level.


The vivo NEX 3 is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, mainly considering the power consumption of this screen and 5G, which also explains why the phone weighs more than 200g. By convention, we still test its endurance through online video playback and simple gameplay for 30 minutes.

Video endurance test

The first waterfall screen! Vivo NEX 3 evaluation: screen new starting point, a new value of face value
Start playing from 32% of the battery and connect to Wi-Fi. After 30 minutes, NEX 3 has 28% remaining power and consumes 4% of power.

Game endurance test

Start playing games from 90% of your battery and connect to Wi-Fi. After 30 minutes, the remaining power of NEX 3 is 84%, and power consumption is 6%.

Charging test

Vivo NEX 3 supports 44W wired fast charge, which is the flagship level. The first waterfall screen! Vivo NEX 3 evaluation: screen new starting point, a new value of face value. After the actual test, NEX 3 charged 45% of electricity in 20 minutes and took 100% to 65% in 65 minutes.


When I saw this mobile phone, the rabbit could not help but sigh that the mobile phone industry is developing rapidly. Last year, it was still a 18:9 ratio screen. Now it is almost a whole screen in front of it. The shape of the Vivo NEX 3 reminds the rabbit of many years. The previous paragraph tells the story of a person crossing the past in the future. When the mobile phone is broken, I get the mobile phone shop to repair it. The maintenance master asks a blank face. You give me a piece of glass to dry up? Although it was a joke, people at the time did not think that in just a few years, the screen of the mobile phone was close to the level of a whole piece of glass.

The advantage of the waterfall screen is obvious. Compared with the traditional screen, it has more visual impact, and the appearance value is higher. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious. The user needs a period of time to adapt to this form. The emergence of the waterfall screen gives manufacturers a new direction. In the general trend, the waterfall screen design will have a place in the flagship mobile phone in a short time.

Let’s talk about 5G again. Supporting 5G has become the standard of the current flagship. After all, it takes a few years to buy. The vivo NEX 3 further strengthens the mobile phone signal when it supports 5G, such as 6-antenna design and side. Distributed antenna system and “antenna gold buckle” three technologies. In addition to a 5G off-topic, I still remember that when testing iQOO Pro 5G, the rabbit needs to run very far to find the 5G signal, but now less than a month, the 5G coverage area has been greatly increased, it is easy to find 5G when going out. Signals, the speed of development can be seen.

There is no doubt that the Vivo NEX 3 is a true flagship phone because it has enough highlights to support it, such as the Snapdragon 855 Plus, UFS 3.0 flash memory, 64 megapixels main camera, 44W fast charge, etc., but these features are on the waterfall screen and In front of 5G, it is more like a icing on the cake. For the waterfall screen, we can not be optimistic about its development, but we must not deny, ridicule the courage of NEX 3 to try and the meaning of the screen.


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