Vivo Presents TOF 3D: Its Facial Recognition System That Surpasses Apple’s Face ID


Recently, the Chinese brand Vivo is increasingly appearing on the ears, not least thanks to such unusual models of smartphones as APEX and NEX. And now Vivo, which is included with Oppo and OnePlus in the concern BBK Electronics, presented its next prominent development – the system of 3D face scanning TOF 3D, which, according to the developer, is 10 times more accurate than the Face ID technology in the iPhone X.

Recall that the iPhone X technology relies on a rather complex module of the TrueDepth camera, the face of the user has projected a grid of 30 thousand invisible points to create its accurate three-dimensional model. In Vivo, it is claimed that its 3D face scanner projects 300,000 invisible points, allowing scanning from a distance of up to three meters.

The Vivo method is based on the TOF (“time of flight”) technology, based on the time of “travel” of light pulses from the projector to a certain point on the face and back to the camera sensor. As the source notes, the broader term for describing this technology is “structured light,” and other companies, including Oppo, have also worked on similar solutions for their smartphones, but no one has yet made a final decision whether the game is worth the candle.

It should be noted that the use of the new Vivo sensor is not limited to obvious scenarios such as more accurate biometric authentication and better portrait mode. It also reports on the possibility of using the system for recognizing gestures and movements, as well as working with supplemented and virtual reality applications (AR and VR). As we reported above, the range of the system is three meters, so it can be used to scan furniture and other objects.

In a press release on TOF 3D, the manufacturer emphasizes the fact that this technology is more than just a proof of concept. At the same time, Vivo does not say when this technology will appear in the series of smartphones.

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