Vivo S15 Series Will Be The Evolution of Mobile Photography


The vivo S15 series mobile phones were officially announced, and the release time was set for May 19. Although only one poster has been officially announced at present, the amount of information brought by this poster is not small. Combined with some information disclosed by Ouyang Weifeng, vice president of vivo products, it is even enough for us to initially guess the specifications of this product. What do you expect from this new product?

Judging from the official poster, the appearance of the vivo S15 series has been improved again compared to the previous generation of the vivo S12 series. The rear camera has become two eye-catching “big eyes”. The entire camera module still adopts the classic cloud-level design, but the entire surface has been blackened to emphasize the beauty of the lines. The body of the mobile phone has a similar underwater effect. It can be seen that the processing technology of the body has been further upgraded. With the refreshing color matching, the appearance of the real phone must be very brilliant.

It has only been four years since the birth of the vivo S series in 2019. From the vivo S1, which initially captured users with its high appearance and powerful image functions, to the comprehensive and excellent vivo S12 series last year, it not only expanded the product scale, but also the product itself. It has also transformed into an all-around flagship that is more popular with young people and has become a phenomenal product in the mobile phone industry. For a new series to be able to “open up wasteland” successfully in such a short period, it is not enough to rely on appearance alone, and there must be some more attractive hard-core technologies.

When it comes to hardcore, video is a hardcore strength of the vivo S series. From 5 layers of super-textured beauty to screen soft halo, micro-slit fills light, to the proposition of “natural beauty” that leads young people’s aesthetics, the vivo S series has always been at the forefront of portrait aesthetics. Combined with the suspected vivo S15 series slogan “every shot, there is a movie feeling” exposed in this poster, the imaging capabilities of vivo S may bring a new upgrade to the vivo S15 series, adding a “movie feeling” to mobile phone shooting. “.

Film portraits are a very difficult photo style, and such photos seem to have a story, a sense of presence and seem to be moving. It has very high requirements on the performance of the device and shooting skills and generally speaking, it is not a mobile phone at all. Could it be that the vivo S15 series will break through the limit this time and bring shooting effects that are difficult for professional photographers to achieve? At least from the proofs circulating on the Internet, the vivo S15 series seems to have done it.

In terms of image configuration, according to Ouyang Weifeng, the vivo S15 series will use an exclusive customized version of the Sony outsole sensor and be equipped with hummingbird super anti-shake, studio-level portrait algorithm, real-time blacklight night vision algorithm, and night scene spot filter, and other algorithms blessing, From the configuration point of view, it is also very reasonable to be able to achieve a shooting effect with a cinematic atmosphere like a sample.

For film portrait shooting, in addition to software and hardware configuration, the key is how to let users master shooting skills. I believe this is not difficult for vivo. After all, we have experienced various shooting templates in previous vivo S series mobile phones, allowing us to easily take photos of various styles, and even guide users on how to compose pictures through prompts, shooting, I believe that users who get the vivo S15 series this year will also be able to easily control the professional photography technology that is comparable to the film level brought by the new phone.

Last year’s vivo S12 series not only has strong image strength, but also impressive performance, and even obtained the KPL competition machine certification. What will this year’s vivo S15 series look like? There are many optional chips in the flagship market this year, but if the vivo S series wants to maintain a thin and light body, it is obvious that the Snapdragon 870 and Dimensity 8100 flagship chips are more suitable. Combined with the top flagship chips and high-frame screens disclosed by Ouyang Weifeng And 80W dual-core flash charging, you can guess the hardware configuration of the vivo S15 series, this time the new vivo S will still not disappoint everyone.

It is worth noting that the new product launch poster officially released by vivo this time is not only the vivo S15 series products but also vivo ecological vivo smartwatches, vivo tablet products, and vivo wireless earphones, which seem to indicate that this new product launch will be launched. There will be a variety of product groups to “debut”. It can be seen that the new product launch of the vivo S15 series is destined to be very lively.

It has been four years since the birth of the vivo S series, and it has served nearly 30 million users with excellent products from generation to generation. According to Ouyang Weifeng, as a product mainly targeting young consumers, to better communicate with young people Most of the research and development teams of the vivo S series are young people. They just hope to respond to the expectations of young people with a wave of young people momentum, and bluntly said that this time they will bring a new product that will make young people “don’t have to do multiple-choice questions anymore.” ”, which undoubtedly adds more anticipation to the star-studded vivo S15 series conference.

On the whole, this year’s vivo S15 series will surpass the previous generation in terms of appearance, image performance, and hardware configuration, and will become another explosive model this year. The vivo S12 series has been a great success last year. According to Counterpoint statistics, the vivo S12 will be among the top 10 5G mobile phone sales in February 2022, making it one of the few domestic mobile phones that can be well-known in the global market. This year, the vivo S15 series will also reach new heights and create better results with better products.

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